11 December 2012

I moved (again).

I wanted it to be perfect before announcing to the whole wide world but one can just be a person and do things bit by bit.

16 October 2012

Good rest

I've not really been busy to the extent that I can't write. I just wanted to rest. And it was good rest.

All the time I had went to spending more time with Daddy and the little girl. We got out to sun ourselves on most weekends even if it's just to get some cheese at a cheese place that closed down or just my mom's place.

The little girl loves to be out although she is not immediately sociable. I'd like to think that her love for mummy and daddy is too profound.

We managed to pack and fit all of the little girl's new clothing (which I lugged all the way back from US) into 2 tiny square cabinet. Major achievement.

We've gotten the photos from our pre-wedding shoot. I think we made some pretty bad decisions during photo selection but it's nothing that would kill us. It's US afterall, how bad can it be (haha)? Just that, to me, the photos are boring. Totally the type I was trying to avoid.

Next, I'd need to spend time on the wedding and the little Girl's party arrangements. Be fun but busy.

19 September 2012

Guess how much I love you

Writing this on a connecting flight I've been on for 5 hour or more now. Time passes pretty quickly actually, except that there are too many things to do, I need to sleep more.

Missing the little girl.

Hopefully, she doesn't miss me as much. I don't want her to feel as terrible as I do now.

It's about 8.30pm in Singapore now. About the time I would be home for our daily personal time together before sleeping. I hope Daddy's home and doing that in my place, telling her how much she is loved.

I have so many photos of her in my phone, I can look at it anytime I want to. But she won't have many of me because I'm always the photographer. And I forgot the video I was going to make for her to cheer her up, just in case she missed me too.

31 August 2012

The best steak you can ever get at a hawker centre

They serve it sizzling hot. It smelt so good that other patrons were turning their head when the stall helper sent it to me. #truestory

Here it is.. Thick, juicy steak in black pepper sauce.

Honestly, trumps Aston's, Jack's place and some other fancy restaurants I've been to.

I ordered it medium and it was cooked to perfection. Outer layer was well done but not dry and the inner layer was not undercooked yet moist. Had to take a cross section picture!

To me, one of the best part of a steak is the fatty bits. Melted in my mouth. Not oily, just fatty if you know what I mean. I feel sad each time I hear of people removing the fatty bits, I mean, why eat a steak if you're health conscious? Go get some greens...

Priced at $9, it is worth every single cent in my opinion. So glad I discovered it by accident!

Where to get this:
Western Food
Blk 138
Tampines Street 11
Singapore 511138.

This is not a paid review, all opinions are my own.

30 August 2012

Some toys were made for the parents

The little girl's got a new toy.. Stackable rings from Fisher Price, supposed to be appropriate for 6months and up.

The rings are made of lightweight soft plastic material but the base of the toy and the top ring are made of hard plastic.

At 9 months old, it the concept of pain hasn't sunk in for my kiddo. She loves to test the toys on her head. Ouch!

Not cool, Fisher Price!

No love for the base but welove everything else about the toy. The rings are made of soft and sturdy plastic that doesn't hurt when JoyJoy used it to hit me. Looks like they will last for some time.

Super entertaining to play a game of "see who gets the ring faster" (try it!). We kept on pilling the rings on JoyJoy whilst she kept on removing them, each time faster than the last.

She was annoyed, look at that face! But all she got was more rings..Bad Daddy!

Eventually she kinda found it entertaining too and oh boy, I couldn't stop her! She chuckled and she chuckled...

22 August 2012

Story of the bean pillow fun

Last weekend, Daddy was charged to entertain the little girl whilst I packed the wardrobe.

I was listening to their (one sided) conversation whilst sorting our clothing, back facing the kids when a bean pillow whizzed past my ear and dropped to the floor, narrowly missed hitting my head.

20 August 2012

That mad little thing called love

Yesterday was not the best day. Bedtime was also unusually difficult.

But for this:

You can't see anything?

18 August 2012

Memoirs of the fun showers

Sometimes, Daddy and I bathe JoyJoy using the showerhead. One of us would carry her in the shower while the other soap her and clean her.

15 August 2012

Wordless Wednesdays: My little turtle

"I'll see you next week and I promise we are going to have the fastest turtle in the history of turtles." - Rob Dyrek

Linking up to:

11 August 2012


Everything in our universe comes to a standstill when the baby sleeps. The rise and fall of her chest is the only movement I am concerned about.

The sweet baby scent is intoxicating.

My eyes feel heavy now.

10 August 2012


Fun is when you play with what really interests you.

Night-time mothering

It was close to pitch dark when Daddy took this photo last night.

All I need to do when she fusses at night is to hold her. The soft, sweet smelling baby just drops back to sleep.


Try, Mummy

The little girl has taught me a thing or two in the course of her growing up. One of what I've learnt is that I've forgotten many things. Like the joy of a simple act.

Recently, the little girl has discovered that she can feel things with her tongue stuck out.

"Try mummy, try tasting the wind." said she.

09 August 2012

Results of the Fleuristes Jewelries giveaway!

This is the results of the giveaway sponsored byFleuristes Jewelries, the winner was picked randomly by JoyJoy. (Feel free to check out their FB page here)!.

Congrats to Ai Sakura!

Please drop an email to fleuristesjewelries@yahoo.com with details of your favourite piece, your address and contact number to claim your prize!

07 August 2012

We've been shot

Like finally.

I went for 2 fitting sessions to pick the gowns. There were so many beautiful ones I had a hard time choosing.

Daddy wore 2 different suits to match my gowns. I like him in black shirt with his suits.

Daddy and I worked on the props for the shoot just the night before, using A3 colored printouts and recycled cardboard cutouts of the condo brochures we had from visiting one too many showrooms in the past.

We initially tried using cardboard from an unwanted box which a Daiso staff gave me but it was too thick and difficult to shape.

Quite happy with the eventual results.

We expected to squabble but didn't at all the whole day. I thought I would be bridezilla but turned out we were pretty relaxed throughout the shoot even though some things did turn out unexpectedly. I think parenthood gets you used to the unexpected. So proud of us.

Breastfeeding and nubra do not go well together. We contemplated getting 2 nubras for me to change into, since I'd most probably need them on our wedding day as well but I decided to hold the purchase for now. End up, I only used the nubra until after I pumped for the afternoon. Worked out alright for me since i only needed to wear the revealing gowns in the afternoon.

My impression of the photographer was really bad during the discussion session I had with him just a few days before our shoot. He was not very polite. During our shoot however, we got to know him and realized that other than not knowing how to speak well sometimes, he's actually a nice chap. And oh boy, he worked really hard for us.

My stylist was quite good as well. I didn't quite like the styling for the red gown but I was too tired to comment. Other than that, she was good with the make up.

Can't wait for photo selection day! Our package comes with 36 free poses, I'm just afraid that Daddy will pick like 20 or 30 photos, all with the little girl.

04 August 2012

Loving My Spot: Bishan + A giveaway!

Raised in Terrific Tampines, I love everything about the place except the long traveling times to other locations. I could be biased but I think that air in the East is fresher, you can find the bestest foods in the East and people of the East are more Kampung, as in friendly and neighborly.

I married Daddy and also married the place we're living in. I miss my home but have also developed much love for our neighborhood in Bishan since I moved here.

Transportation infrastructure

At the risk of sounding like a property agent, Bishan is THE BOMB in terms of convenience in getting around. Just look at my usual traveling times by car (True Story!):

Tampines - 10 to 15 minutes
Office - 10 to 20 minutes
Orchard - 15 to 20 minutes
Jurong - 25 to 30 minutes
Woodlands Checkpoint - 20 to 25 minutes

Not forgetting the train infrastructure. The circle line is a lifesaver! And it is a breeze to get around to wherever I usually need to go whenever Daddy is not around to chauffeur me. No sweat.

This convenience translates to having easy access to good food, entertainment, family and friends living in different locations and not forgetting more sleep in the mornings!

Bishan North Shopping Mall

Pet shops. Dental clinics. Wet market. Optical shops. Watch shop. Laundry shop. GP clinics. Medicinal halls. Fresh fruit stalls. Hairdressers. Beauty salons. Florist. Eating houses. Grocer. Bakeries. Cheers. Watsons. AXS machine. POSB ATM. OCBC ATM and a 24 hour NTUC

This heartland shopping mall along Bishan Street 23 is small but mighty.

My favourite Zi Char

I love the Zi Char at one of the eating house within Bishan North Shopping Mall. They serve the usual dishes like prawn paste friend chicken, sambal kang kong, sweet & sour pork, steamed cod fish, fu rong egg but the taste.. the TASTE... is love.

Cheap groceries that aren't expiring

Located within the Bishan north shopping mall, this supermarket is highly highly recommended by the MIL for groceries at surprising prices. I asked her if the groceries are usually near their expiry date and she said no! The seasonal fruits and vegetables they sell are fresh too.

Many many.. many many Education centres

There are countless education / tuition centers ( I counted 10 just within Bishan North Shopping Mall alone) around Bishan Good for parents who believe in enrichment classes!

Bishan-Toa Payoh North Wood ball course

When I first saw it, I was very intrigued at the sight of this woodball course located by the Bishan North Shopping Mall. I've never heard about woodball (sua gu!) before this and curiosity killed the cat, I consulted wikipedia and this is what I learnt.

This woodball course is home to the Bishan North Woodball Club.

Salvation Army Donation Drop Off Point

I love it that we have a Salvation Army donation drop off point in our neighborhood. We've donated many a Micky mouse t-shirt (which Daddy used to collect) as well as other clothing items in very good condition, happy that they can be put to good use instead of sitting in our wardrobe.

It would have been great if the thrift shop was also located in Bishan but I found out that there aren't any here. They are located at the locations below, if you're interested.

The Ice-cream Man

This ice-cream man comes around often. When we hear his bell, we grab spare change and pop down for some good old traditional ice-cream.

He makes us happy each time he comes. The process of choosing flavours, choosing between bread or wafer and just watching the ice-cream man prepare our ice-cream makes us feel like children all over again.

I really hope that the little girl gets to experience this as well.

People watching

I took this picture somewhere near Bishan Park, where people watching is interesting, if you have a moment of leisure.

This elderly man strutted past us whilst we were sitting side by side on the kerb by our car, having an ice-cream each. He held on to his treasured plane like it was the most precious thing on earth. We later saw him set up and eventually fly his plane. It attracted much attention and the people who watched had smiles on their faces as they chatted about it.

Actually, it is easy to be happy.

Macdonalds at my backyard

Opens 24 hours during the weekends and fantastic for a late night Macdonald's craving!

During my maternity leave, I was stuck at home almost every single day (long story). On very rare days when I got to go out for a breather, it was bliss to be able to retreat in this peaceful oasis and get to eat my favorite junk foods. I remember returning home a very contended person, things like this make me happy.

The Library

I was purely attracted by the design of our library in Bishan. Just look at the colored glass reading corners! Driven by my curiosity on what it would be like to sit in one of these reading sanctuaries and devour a book, I went to the library and spent more time than I planned exploring the place.

To my surprise, there were more such colored glass reading corners in the library. Good for those who prefer not to bask in the sunlight at those reading corners.

This is how the sunlight facing colored glass reading corners look like from the inside.

There is also a Children's Collection section within the Bishan Library located at one of the basement levels. I went down and read many a children's book, dreaming about the day when the little girl would grow up enough for me to take her on library trips.

I was surprised to come across a project room within the library. It is well located at a corner of the library and, I believe, intended to be used by library patrons for discussions. Quiet and conducive , I love it and wished we had such facilities when I was still studying.

The Bishan library has really got it all covered in my opinion. They even have a cafe for people like me, who love to have a cake to go with my book.

CPF Board

Don't know about you but when I do have CPF matters to settle, it irks me to have to wake up early in the morning on a Saturday to queue up for service in the CBD area.

When I found out that there was a CPF office in Bishan, I was damn happy.

Junction 8 nursing room

They recently revamped their nursing rooms and this one located at B1 made me go whoa...and next thing you know, I was busy snapping away.

Nursing in public was easy for me when the little girl was little-er. Now that she is a big baby, she objects to nursing under a nursing cover and I appreciate a good nursing room greatly.

So far, I love the nursing room at Somerset 313 best (it's like mummy heaven except for the creepy crawlies) but this comes a close second and I'm very glad it is so near home!

Spacious enough for 3 strollers I think. individual nursing room, seat for the waiting hubbies. I was quite happy with it.

Joy Joy's PD

The little girl's PD is Dr Oh Meng Choo from the Kidz Clinic @ Bishan. I major love her for many reasons and have learnt a lot from Dr Oh on breastfeeding, nutrition for the little girl and you can really ask her anything under the sun.

I'm seeing her this morning for JoyJoy's vaccination.. See if I can get some photos of her clinic!

Top schools

When mummies of school-going children talk about Bishan, they inevitably talk about the good schools located here. Whilst this could very well be the reason why we couldn't afford a resale flat from the open market, I know I should be very very very thankful that we're living so close to the good schools.
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Boy oh boy! This place is a gem! I was going to write about it but I realized with delight that Steph Tan of Steph Tan Photography will be writing about it. So I'll leave it to her to show you around.

Places I have yet to explore

I haven't been to some parts of Bishan yet.. like the golf course and the prawning place. They sound promising!


Because this is the first time i'm participating in a blog train, I asked the lovely owner of Fleuristes Jewelry if she would let one of my readers own a creation of his / her choice and she said YES! The winner of this giveaway can pick any unsold piece of jewelry that he / she fancies!

Her jewelry pieces are all lovingly crafted by hand. I bought one of her pieces with my own money and love it so much! No doubt that the giveaway winner will enjoy the prize :) Results will be announced on National Day!

All you have to do to participate in this give away is to leave me a comment and I'll get the little girl to pick a random winner!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Fleuristes Jewelry and I have not received any compensation whatsoever for this.

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Sarah of The Playful Parents in celebration of Singapore's 47th birthday. Hop over to Sarah's to find out what 18 other fabulous mummy bloggers love about their spot!

Tomorrow, Adora of the The Gingerbread Mom brings you around Telok Kurau (Katong) for more loving!

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