26 March 2012

Zen-ing today

Every single weekday, I only have 15 - 20 minutes for dinner because I am expected home at a certain time to nurse Joy Joy.

So rush.
So hungry.

But today, I decided to give myself a break.

Sit down. Have Tea. And chew my food properly.

16 March 2012

The separation

And so I've resumed full time work.

I miss the milk monster badly some days. And this is how I cope. Whenever I am stressed / tired / frustrated / irritated / annoyed, I just click on "show desktop".

It's also good for haolian-ing. People always gasp when they catch a glimpse of my wallpaper then they go "so cuuuuute!". I really want to reply "I know, I know... Super love right!" but to be humble, I say "she's so naughty... you can tell from the picture".

Daddy said someone commented that one of his colleague's baby was cute. And he was indignant because he felt that Joy Joy is the cutest! But to be humble, he just smiled and walked away because he didn't want to hear anymore of it.

I think, secretly, the two of us are just hypocritical. Next time I'm going to proudly say "Yes! She is so cute I love her very much and I think that she is the cutest baby on earth!" hehe.

Pumping at work helped in a way. It's the best and only way I can "take care" of the milk monster. It's tough to pump at work, but not as tough as I originally imagined. I'm going to review some useful (and very cheap) items I got for pumping at work.. Plus some tips that helped me. Hopefully it'll help someone else manage the pumping at work too.

14 March 2012

Confirm Doraemon no more!

Taken this morning as I was changing to go to work..

YouTube Video

I had my back to her when i heard her "talking". Thinking that she might want to hold a conversation with me, I turn around to find her playing peekaboo with her tiny bolster whilst talking to herself.

The little girl is growing up so quickly!

13 March 2012

First: Conversation

I was tired from being sick and majorly disappointed with my decreased milk supply in the first week I went back to work.

Amidst these woes, I went home one day ( 2 March 2012 to be exact) and the little girl was crying for milk and so I nursed her. After some time, she had enough and looked at me smiling.

That's when I propped her up to clean her nose and as usual, talk to her mindlessly..

I don't usually record myself talking to her but somehow today I did and I'm SO GLAD I did!

I had a conversation with my little girl for the very first time. T.T

YouTube Video

The feeling is incredible!!

I am not Doraemon

Since a long time ago, i have been actively insistent on not wearing mittens for Joy Joy lest she thinks that she is Doraemon.

Recently, the little girl finally learns that she has 5 fingers on each hand!

It started off with her grabbing my clothes when nursing ...

To grabbing anybody's hair when they carry her... No photos so far because I've always been too busy either trying to get my hair out of her hand or trying to get someone else's hair out of her hand..

And last night.. She somehow manage to UNZIP her own onsie! I thought that was a feat for a 3 - 4 month old baby!

Whats more, she chuckled at me right after she saw that I discovered what she just did... Hur Hur Hur..

Hello Daddy!

We're missing you here in Singapore!!

And here's a photo I've been tasked to show you:



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