30 July 2012

I had a great day because..

(1) This little imp only had 4 attacks today, compared to 12 yesterday.

(2) I sent Daddy on an expedition to the supermarket for 3 tomatoes, 1 sweet corn, 1 organic carrot, 1 organic potato and he managed to return home with 5 tomatoes.

(3) The little girl knows kungfu. I was washing up after her breakfast when I heard cries from the room. I checked and realized they were made by Daddy.

(4) Daddy decided where we would go for dinner although I had to order in the end because there were too many options for him to handle. Dinner was good and relatively cheap.

(5) I didn't give up the idea of getting out for a dinner due to sheer exhaustion from taking care of the little imp who (clearly) had more energy than Daddy and I combined.

(6) The little girl was good company at Dinner.

(7) The sister in law got me a brownie surprise.

(8) 56 people wanted me to have a happy birthday.

(9) I chanced upon 21 photos that restored my faith in humanity

29 July 2012

Woo, it's my birthday

The little girl has a habit of going "woo" in the cutest way before she opens her mouth and take a big bite of my breast. It is so endearing, I smile to myself whenever I think about it.
Daddy is similarly smitten when the little girl does that.

Just after the clock struck 12 today, I went "woo" I want to watch this DVD. And then "woo" I want to eat sea salt potato chips. And then "woo" I'm thirsty. And then "woo" I can't finish. And "woo" I'm thirsty.

when he ignored me, I went "woo" it's my birthday.

Daddy says.. this must be my longest birthday ever. I told him that that was just the beginning of my birthday.

When we were done with the DVD and I retreated into the coolness of our room, I saw this:

which you can't really see.

It put a huge grin on my face and I felt my heart swell up until it felt like it was going to burst.

Here's how it looks like, heavily edited:

I've received the best birthday present. Ever.

28 July 2012

The neurologist said..

that the little girl's probably having what they call shudder attacks which she is likely to outgrow. That being said, they are concerned that some parts of her attacks resembles fits, although other parts are totally uncharacteristic of fits.

So I heaved a sigh of relieve only to suck it all in again.

To be reasonably sure of their diagnosis, we need to monitor the little girl over a 4-6 week period and note down:

(1) Time of the attacks
(2) How long they last
(3) What she was doing before the attacks
(4) What she was doing after the attacks.

Additionally, we are to observe whether she turns blue / tired after each attack. If the attacks lasts more than 1 minute less than 5 minutes, we're to make an appointment with them immediately. If the attacks lasts more than 5 minutes, we are to call for an ambulance immediately.

Good news is, we are told that the little girl is progressing well developmentally, which is uncharacteristic of children suffering from neurological problems.

The wait was extremely long yesterday and the little girl was understandably tired. She had an attack when we were into our first hour of wait and I had a gut feeling she would do it again. So I got ready to video with my phone and managed to get a good recording:

YouTube Video

Only the upper portion of her body is stiff during the attacks. Her legs are relaxed. She doesn't look up, doesn't black out, doesn't turn blue, doesn't appear tired after that. The attacks are not rhythmic and she wasn't crying before that which rules out breath holding spells for now.

26 July 2012

that night in (very few) pictures


It took 4 of us, Daddy, me and two nurses, to hold her still enough in order to get a decent ECG reading.

After her blood test for sugar and sodium levels in her blood, she had a plaster on. But as I talked to the Doctor, she sucked on it and turned the whole plaster bloody. Goosebumps on my skin just as I typed.

utterly exhausted after spending 4-5 hrs after her bedtime in the hospital. Slept in Daddy's (very) willing arms.

25 July 2012

my heart lives outside my body

YouTube Video

Started last Friday.. I saw it once or twice. And slowly, the frequency increased and Tuesday night during bed time, it happened consecutively for 6-7 times with only a few seconds of break in between.

I called Daddy immediately and we went to KKH right away.

The doctor said she could be
(1) having breath holding spells
(2) having seizures
(3) throwing a tantrum each time she is doing it

The little girl was supposed to be admitted for observations. I asked them what they would do and they said they would chart the episodes and check of she does it during her sleep.

We refused admission and opted to do it at home ourselves.

Now I'm regretting that decision. It didn't turn out well and we have practically no data for the doctor.

We'd see a neurologist tomorrow. All the information I can offer is that she does it whenever she gets excited / is very happy / is very angry / is very tired / is very frustrated / is forced to do something or not to do something.

sometimes she stops doing it when we hold her hand and calls her name. sometimes she doesn't. To me, it doesn't look voluntary at all.

Bad parent feelings aside for not charting the episodes properly, I can't help being worried, especially with this history.

Daddy just packed out diaper bag and I've gotten us food ready for tomorrow. It was strangely comforting to do all these preparation work.

crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

19 July 2012

I love bedtime

no matter how sick or tired I am for the day, happiness is when we spend that hour before her bed time.

cleaning up, changing diaper, changing into her sleep suit, hugging her, kissing her, talking to her, reading her a short story, smelling her, have her reach out with both hands asking me to carry her and just feeling her tight tight hold on me when I carry her. she would also often reach out both hands to cup my face and try to put my face into her mouth (True Story). And I just have to say that she smell so very good.

the little girl intuitively knows its bedtime and she is happy too.

I love the little girl very very very very very very very very very much. Very very much.

09 July 2012

Sick like a Merlion

Photo credit: Grab Your Fork

So happened to catch this song posted on my friends's FB page:

The more we get together,
Together together,
The more we get together,
We will all fall sick.

I vomit, you diarrhoea
You vomit, I diarrhoea.

The more we get together,
We will just fall sick

How apt.

How to cut a mango

I was sick and craving for mangos (no little human in me) which the doctor approved in particular.

When Daddy bought it for me from the supermarket I was cracking my head on how to cut a mango. I don't know how.

I'm not particularly fond of cutting fruits at home because Grandma kinda feels strongly about how one should cut fruits / cook / do things around here. So, before took the "plunge" into mango cutting, I secretly whipped out my phone and consulted the guru:

Grandma was impressed.

Enough for her to stand beside me to watch how info it.


Why you shouldn't go out to get food when you are sick

Warning: Gross pictures ahead.

Motherhood: Before and After

Recently, I joined a group known as Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB). We (if I may say so since I am not entirely active due to time constrains) have a secret FB page and a public page and I tell you the secret page is really interesting.

Some of the more active mummies are invited to media or public events and its interesting to read about how it went. And there are a lot of on-going linky parties (although i have been blogging since 2004, I only learnt about this through SMB) and the topics are creative.

The one about Motherhood: Before and After that gets me most (so far) is this one hosted by Mama J of Mum in the Making fame. And today I read this post shared by mummybean of Life is in the small things.

Just wanna say I totally GET her and I'm loving the post.

06 July 2012

Daiso has my pocket money: Cooking Apron

These were either just put up for sale today or being replenished.

Waterproof and so cute!

Daiso has my pocket money : Picnic Mat

Picnic mats I found at Daiso today.

I got 3 in case we organize a picnic party one day. Likely, especially after we move to the new place in like 4 years.

We'll get to use them sooooon.

05 July 2012

Mean cookie

This morning I met a mean cookie. He was sniggering at me.

But you know what?

Meanie was yummy!

The bed

I'm thinking.. Maybe one of her earliest and most prominent memories will be that of our bed.
Our king sized sealy with sunken plush. Sealy and Joy Joy are friends.

YouTube Video


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