16 October 2012

Good rest

I've not really been busy to the extent that I can't write. I just wanted to rest. And it was good rest.

All the time I had went to spending more time with Daddy and the little girl. We got out to sun ourselves on most weekends even if it's just to get some cheese at a cheese place that closed down or just my mom's place.

The little girl loves to be out although she is not immediately sociable. I'd like to think that her love for mummy and daddy is too profound.

We managed to pack and fit all of the little girl's new clothing (which I lugged all the way back from US) into 2 tiny square cabinet. Major achievement.

We've gotten the photos from our pre-wedding shoot. I think we made some pretty bad decisions during photo selection but it's nothing that would kill us. It's US afterall, how bad can it be (haha)? Just that, to me, the photos are boring. Totally the type I was trying to avoid.

Next, I'd need to spend time on the wedding and the little Girl's party arrangements. Be fun but busy.

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