28 September 2011

Daddy sweeps the floor

Last night, after Daddy packed his bag for yet another business trip, he took out the broom and dustpan and begun to sweep the floor whilst saying:" The room is getting dusty, I sweep the floor so that you and Joy Joy can sleep in a clean place when I'm away"

Joy Joy has fun!

It hasn't felt more real than it does now, the fact that we're having a baby I mean!

Joy Joy is having fun all day long in my tummy. She steps on my organs, rolls around, nudges, kicks and seem to be doing somersaults inside me. I can totally imagine the kind of baby she will be.. Active (hopefully not HYPERactive) and loves to play!

Maybe she is playing "rearranging mummy's insides" or maybe she is playing a game called "matching the shapes"..

Whatever game it is, I think the rule of the game is that she scores points when mummy gets a shock (1 pt) / is tickled (2 pts) / wakes up in the middle of the night to go toilet (3 pts for making mummy move) / "ouch" in pain (10 pts, like fighting king):

My little girl wouldn't stop even if I ask her nicely not to stomp in her bedroom. She stops only when Daddy puts his hands on my tummy. But Daddy just flew to KL again this morning! (Hopefully, for the last time before Joy Joy is born to the world).

Joy Joy seems to be having a party in my tummy and going "Weeeeeeeeee! Daddy's not around to scold me! Weeeeeeeeee! I'm going to play and play all day long!"

I told Daddy that and he says if she plays to much I am to tell her that Daddy's there. But.. I don't think it's working! I've already told her that Daddy's going away for a few days and asked her not to start off mummy's labour until Daddy is back at least.

It's a pity I havn't been able to take a video of my crazily moving tummy because Joy Joy stops the minute I try to record. Or maybe I should just keep on recording so that she'll not play non-stop??

Other times I know that she stretches because it's too cramp for her (my baby is growing so quickly!) Gets better when I change into a position that gives her more space.

It feels like I'm carrying a really active baby, only with my tummy and not in my arms..Hmmm.... Is she chubby like Daddy? Hehehehehe

24 September 2011

It's playtime!

Daddy just got home after yet another 3 day business travel!

The minute Daddy's voice filled the room, Joy Joy was so excited she kicked me real hard.. I think she wants to play with Daddy!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star knows ABC!

I was playing bedtime music for Joy Joy and we happened to listen to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

Halfway through.. I started to hum the tune of the ABC song only to realise it towards the end of the song...

Wuuuuu.... so! Does Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same chords as the ABC song? I think so! hehehe... Anyway, I was surfing online for good videos of both songs to upload here (the TTLS video is incredibly cute!) when i came accross these cute videos..

So going to show Joy Joy when she can see better.. :)

22 September 2011

In the middle of the night..

This is a holiday picture of our beloved 臭臭. He is now dressed in a new white pillowcase which blends him right into the bed:

Yes, we love him so much we brought him on holiday with us on my birthday trip to Malacca.

Sweet Daddy lets Mummy have 臭臭 every night because I sleep much better hugging 臭臭 to sleep. But for at least a few nights now, I finally understood just how much Daddy wished he could have 臭臭.

I have to leave 臭臭 on the bed whenever i get up in the middle of every night to pee (thankfully we have a bathroom in our room). Recently, some nights when I climb back to bed after peeing, I simply can't find 臭臭 anymore at the place where I last left him.

One the first one or two nights, I checked the floor checked under the quilt, checked anywhere but could not find my 臭臭 until one night I decided to experiment... Before I went to the toilet, I put 臭臭 in the center of the bed and waited. Suddenly, Daddy turned around, scoped 臭臭 up and turned the other side, hugging 臭臭 tightly.

I asked:" darling why is 臭臭 in your arms?" and Daddy said "hmm?" then opened one eye, looked down at what he was hugging before saying :" I don't know... I think 臭臭 wants to sleep with me." and with that he hugged 臭臭 tighter, turned the other side and went back to sleep.

On good nights, Daddy returns 臭臭 to me reluctantly before going back to sleep, hugging a random pillow or a quilt.

I think he misses 臭臭 too much. I ought to let him have 臭臭 More often...


When Daddy and Mummy were dating, Mummy told Daddy that she would like to go bungee jumping one day. According to Daddy, he was very impressed.

Whilst its true, I really want to go bungee jumping one day, Mummy has a fear of heights. Quite bad. So bad that i get super sweaty palms even watching movies like Avatar:

© 20th Century Fox

And even.. Kungfu Panda:

© Dreamworks Animination

Basically, anything that involves looking down from a high place to a lower place, standing at the edge of a high place would make mummy's palms drip with sweat.

We always talk about the places we would bring Joy Joy when she's old enough and when we talked about amusement parks, Daddy would say that he will bring Joy Joy on those killer roller coaster rides and Mummy will most probably stand at the bottom of the ride watching them or.. go on a merry-go-round ride all by herself... .. ...

21 September 2011

Super Spot Remover

Last Monday, Mummy was upset that Daddy had to travel when we're expecting Joy Joy but just before Daddy flew off he gave Mummy a call suddenly. Aparently, Daddy went to buy his own pimple cream from DFS....

Daddy: "Mummy Mummy..the spot remover from origins has become SUPER spot remover! Should I still buy it?"

The way he put it and the tone made it sound like the pimple cream underwent a transformation and suddenly went from:


Mummy with the swollen eyes from crying couldn't help laughing. "Hee hee hee the way you put it sounds like it became more powerful!" I said.

Somehow, Daddy always has a way to make seemingly normal things sound comical...

18 September 2011


Last night after dinner Mummy had to observe a certain time to eat supper and Daddy said he would watch the time for me whilst we watched a DVD on his laptop in bed.

Daddy being Daddy, was so engrossed in the DVD that it was Mummy who realized that it's time for supper. I told him so and Daddy stopped the DVD then suddenly jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen with his arms waving in the air saying: "It's FOOD TIME! It's FOOD TIME! FOOD TIME! It's FOOD TIME!" repeatedly.

Makes you wonder if he's really overjoyed that I get to eat or he's actually the one who is hungry....

I dare not take / post pictures in case he kills me but it was really funny!

17 September 2011

The test

Using the blood glucose test kit is simple enough but it's really disgusting to have to prick myself 7 times a day.

Mummy is chicken so I've only monitored the after meal and before bedtime readings today, which makes it a total of 4 times I have to prick myself.

The device which I use to prick myself is a small but deadly little thing that looks like this:

So painful that when we were going the tests yesterday, there was a 2nd time mummy who break out in cold sweat whenever we had to prick ourselves. She would hesitate and hesitate and I get really nervous around her when she's doing that. It disturbs me mentally!

Mummy's blood always flow like it's free whenever I prick myself, which makes it even more disgusting:

And I end up with multiple wounds on all my fingers:

But all these are much much better than the other mummies who had to self inject insulin. More pain on top of the pricking.

So I'm going to be a good girl even if my readings are on the low side. Just in case.

And for the record, Daddy is a brave boy! When I pricked myself just now, he decided to watch me do it. :)

Watching the sugar

At our last gynae visit, Mummy felt fine right after she had the glucose, just that it tasted disgusting.

But after some time, Mummy began to feel light headed although, in Mummy's opinion, it wasn't serious enough to be considered dizziness. And then Mummy started to feel sleepy.. And then Mummy started to feel very sleepy..

By the time we left the clinic after the glucose test, Mummy felt exhausted and ready for bed. Daddy asked me what I wanted to eat but I was so lethargic that I couldn't think of anything.

Later that day, tests results were out:

The target blood sugar level:
Before food: 3.3 to 5.5 mmol/L
2 hrs after food: 5.5 to 7 mmol/L

Mummy's blood sugar level:
Before food: 4.0 mmol/L
2 hrs after glucose: 8.0 mmol/L

Mummy's after food/glucose BSL is diabetic and so Mummy was asked to go for a one day course to understand gestational diabetes and how to manage it including controlling my diet. Daddy can't go with me because the course is about some practical aspect of managing gestational diabetes.

And so Mummy fasted from 12 midnight on thursday and went for the course yesterday.

There were 4 other mummys-to-be, we had 1 nurse trainer and 1 dietitian come in to help us tailor our diet to suit our lifestyle and a total of 5 meals including 2 snacks in the hospital.

The training took place in this room:

Its like mini living room with seats that had extreeeeeeeeeemely comfortable cushions to give us good back support:

The cushions were so comfortable I asked the nurse where we can get them. She said she wanted to get them too but found out that they were tailor maid for the hospital many many years ago, the tailors are no longer around. So sad! But at least I finally know what's the most comfortable type of cushion you can get for your back.

These were the meals we had. It keeps you full and satiated the whole day; the portions were huge and we were instructed to finish everything. Mummy didn't feel like I wanted to snack more or take any more food other than what I had.

Breakfast @ 9am:

Snack on Julie's Wheat Biscuits & 1 cup of HL Skimmed Milk at 11am

Lunch at 1.00pm:

Snack @ 3pm with a cup of milk:

Dinner at 5pm:

Mummy's diet plan:

Mummy's readings are actually on the low side with a controlled diet. So I decided to monitor my blood glucose levels with some adjustments to the diet like including 3 teaspoon of condensed milk and some dried raisins with my morning oats like I usually make it for Daddy and myself every morning. My after food readings was still below normal after breakfast and lunch today.

I took 2 goreng pisangs before dinner and it finally fell within the normal range in my after dinner reading. Daddy gave me some mangos, pomelos, wheat biscuits and a cup of milk for supper and my reading 2 hours later just made it within the normal range.

I think it might be that the glucose I was made to drink for the blood glucose test is > what I would usually intake on a daily basis. That's why my test readings were high but readings based on my sugar intake in a controlled diet and on my usual diet is actually low. It's good news in a way if so!

14 September 2011

Emo Mummy

Maybe its my nesting instinct, I feel a need to get everything ready as early as possible. It feels like there are so many things we haven't made arrangements for / gotten ready. Coupled with the constant fear of labour without Daddy,
you have a really emotional Mummy.

On Monday morning, before Daddy left to catch his flight he was comforting Mummy who was crying. Daddy hugged Mummy and called me a "stupid kitten" (which was strangely comforting) before assuring me that we would settle the hospital admission arrangements and other things this weekend so that Mummy can be less nervous about it.

Mummy couldn't sleep and so I woke up really early and had breakfast with Daddy, during which Mummy's tears still flowed freely.

Daddy put me back to bed after breakfast and made sure I was comfortable with my favorite pillows and our chou chou. Then he left the toilet light on so he could do some checks / last minute packing.

Somehow, the light lulled Mummy to sleep.

I remember opening my eyes a few times to see if Daddy has gone off and during one of those times, Daddy told Mummy that she looked very tired and asked me to take a cab to work that day and claim reimbursement from him.

Mummy was so tired from the emotional outburst that I couldnt respond to him coherently.

Then before I knew it, Daddy left for the airport after planting a kiss on Mummy's forehead and kissing Mummy's tummy. He asked Joy Joy to be a good girl and take care of Mummy.

In the days when Daddy wasn't around, Mummy felt Joy Joy's movements distinctly and was very grateful for that. At the very least, our precious little girl is always with us. Mummy and Joy Joy taking care of each other. I make sure Joy Joy gets nutritious food, Joy Joy makes sure I'm comforted.

Missing Daddy much and so we must get to sleep soon. We have a date with him tomorrow!

13 September 2011

Jing Jing and Jiao Jiao

After breakfast one day, Mummy and Daddy were taking the lift back home when Mummy noticed that Daddys eyes were puffy and rimmed with dark eye circles underneath. So I said "Oh dear, Daddy better get more sleep when we reach home.. if not, you're going to look like Jiao Jiao on your t-shirt... "

Daddy looked like he stopped to think for a moment, then he blinked his eyes a number of times and pointed at his t-shirt saying "Mummy, this is Jing Jing, not Jiao Jiao" before proceeding to laugh his head off at Mummy, shaking his butt when we reached the lift landing and doing a little jig as he went down the stairs..

Mummy would have kicked his butt if I could catch up with him...

Daddy buys milk on his own

One thing about Daddy is that he can't make decisions on everyday things if there are too many options to choose from.

Like... getting a subway sandwich. Mummy gets it or orders it for Daddy most of the time. On the one and only time when Daddy tried to order a sandwich on his own, he texted Mummy on the sly to check how to order his usual sandwich and still ended up with something else altogether.

So, Mummy considers it a great feat that Daddy managed to buy fortified milk powder for us, all by himself. One day, Daddy's colleague told him that having fortified milk powder for pregnant women is good for Mummy and Joy Joy and so he just went to the supermarket on his own after work and bought milk. Notwithstanding that he spent about 30 minutes at the supermarket, probably looking for the milk and then deciding what to get.

Mummy was at the supermarket with Daddy last Friday to replenish our milk supply. And Daddy looked as lost as ever. He was at another aisle when he asked Mummy what happened to the aisle that stocks the milk powder.

When Daddy finally found the correct aisle, he looked lost again at all the milk powder for sale, trying to figure out which one to buy:

And he finally notices the brand we have been having and had a great realization that they do fortified milk powder for lactating mothers too:

"I'm going to get the other one for you when you are breastfeeding" Daddy said with a determined look on his face.

Mummy just couldn't help laughing at him.....

Mid-Autumn festival without Daddy

Daddy is overseas on a work trip so Mummy brought Joy Joy home to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa on Mummy's side today. Grandma made us warm fish soup to go with hot steaming rice and we had many cups of fresh milk. Mummy found that we had two cute piggy mooncakes at home and felt so happy that by next year, Joy Joy will be here to celebrate with us.

Daddy called once whilst we were eating and again just now to chat with Mummy and see how we were. He said he reloaded value into his local line so that we could chat with him and as usual, Daddy asked Mummy to tell Joy Joy that he loves Joy Joy very much.

Of course, we wish that Daddy was here with us and we can go play with lanterns after dinner, but Mummy is not expecting that kind of consideration from Daddy's company, so we'll have to make do without Daddy today.

Hopefully Daddy will be around when Joy Joy decides that she wants to be born to the world. If not, Daddy will lose the opportunity to witness the birth of our precious little girl, Mummy would have to go through the pain of labour alone and we can't take a family photo right after Joy Joy's birth... its an unbearable thought.

Looking forward to wednesday! We have a date with Daddy at the airport!

10 September 2011

Lazy saturday morning

Mummy and Daddy have been waking up uber early (by our standards) the past few days..and Mummy's bio clock seem to have tuned into that routine.

This morning, Mummy's eyes opened at 7.45am. I look around in a daze and saw Daddy still sleeping like a baby.

And then Joy Joy kicked me in either the ribs or one of my organs. It hurt so much Mummy let out a "OUCH!" and Daddy's eyes fluttered open.

"Joy Joy" he said sleepily before putting his hands on Mummy's tummy. Different from usual, Joy Joy the naughty girl continued kicking so hard that Mummy's tummy was contorted into various shapes.

Daddy somehow fell back asleep and Joy Joy told Mummy that she wants to go for Mac breakfast. Mummy thought about it for a while but fell asleep whilst thinking about it.

By the time Mummy woke up again at about 9.15am in the morning, she could see images of all the Macdonalds breakfast value meals floating in the room. Joy Joy and Mummy's squashed stomach were also making a huge ruckus.

So Mummy woke Daddy up and told him we want to go for Macdonalds Breakfast. Surprisingly, Daddy the lazy bum only lazed in bed for a short while before announcing he was going to brush his teeth, wash his face and take us out for breakfast.

And so, we had breakfast by the park in the cool breeze.

Daddy the angel finished the hotcakes we couldn't finish:

When we got home Daddy and Mummy climbed back on bed. Daddy watched his DVD whilst Mummy read her book:

Such a relaxing morning!

09 September 2011

Daddy is sweeter than glucose!

Mummy is scheduled for 2 blood tests today (to Daddy's horror), one for checking the usual things and another for a glucose test because great grandmother on Mummy's side has diabetes.

The glucose test was SO GROSS!

They made Mummy drink a huge cup full of thick, cold and super super super super super sweet glucose:

Mummy was supposed to finish it at one shot if possible, if not to finish it within 15 minutes.

Mummy cannot find words to describe how disgusting the taste was. To cut short my misery, I made myself glup it down as fast as possible.

The test is to take 2 hours and Mummy was given some strict instructions:

(1) no food / drinks / plain water in the next 2 hours

(2) no puking

(3) If I feel dizzy, Daddy is to being me back to the treatment room immediately.

(4) Be back in the treatment room 2 hours later. Sharp on time. They even made Mummy check her watch to synchronize our times.

When Daddy heard that he is to send Mummy to the treatment room immediately if I feel dizzy, Daddy said:" ok, if you faint I will send you to the treatment room but if I faint, can you send me to the children's ward?".

To make good use of time, Daddy and Mummy joined the queue to see the gynae. Whilst waiting, Daddy read comics on his phone and Mummy started to blog.

Suddenly, Daddy looked up from his phone, turned to Mummy and said: "Mummy, dun do anything, conserve your energy..."

Mummy was puzzled and so she asked "why?".

Daddy said: "because I'm so hungry.. You must be hungry too.."

Mummy was amused because Daddy seem to have forgotten that I was given a whole cup of glucose and so I'm not hungry. I told Daddy so and Daddy batted his eyelids twice at Mummy before rubbing his tummy and said :" Mummy, I want to fast together with you, also in case they need me to do any tests but I'm so hungry now.. :( "

It was only then did Mummy realize that Daddy had not taken his breakfast which we packed along with us. Mummy had bought Daddy's favorite milk bread last night and usually, Daddy can't wait to devour it. Poor Daddy must be suffering the pain of temptation on top of his hunger.

Mummy wanted to take a picture of Daddy because the look was so sad and so comical but Daddy was camera shy. The most I could get out of him was:

Mummy told Daddy to eat his bread since he was hungry but Daddy gave Mummy a determined look and said:" No Mummy, I fast together with you, we eat together later." Awww... What a sweet boy!

Daddy watched the time faithfully for Mummy, looking up every now and then at the clock and also habitually looking up whenever the queue number jumps.

When the time was finally up and Mummy had my blood taken for the glucose test, Daddy looked especially happy. We were just walking out of the clinic when Daddy said :" there is something I must do now.." before dipping his hands in the bag where we packed two milk bread. He took one out and asked Mummy to eat it.

Daddy asked if i want an entire milk bread since its time we get a proper meal. Mummy thought about it and asked Daddy if he wanted to share one bread but Daddy gave me a toothy grin and said :" Its ok Mummy, i'll take a whole one myself!"

Haha I just knew it!

Snug and cozy

It wasn't a 3D scan we did but when the sonographer showed us Joy Joy's face Mummy immediately felt that she looks like Daddy!!! Huge eyes, button nose and fishball cheeks!

When we were doing the scan, Joy Joy's left hand was resting on her left cheek and during the scan she moved both her hands to touch her cheeks and yawned a few times.. Joy Joy looked so comfortable and cozy in Mummy's tummy!

The sonographer told us that Joy Joy has already shifted into the correct position for natural birth.. What a good girl! Also, 1.34kg of what Mummy carrys around with her everyday is our precious little girl!

08 September 2011

Grandma loves me

The last time Mummy went home, I saw a curious thing in the kitchen:

Grandma was busy cooking for Daddy and so Mummy took a peep at what was inside:

"What's that Mummy" I asked Grandma and she said "I'm making wine for your confinement. Usually takes 3 months to be done, I think i'm late already."

07 September 2011


Daddy had a long and hard day at work yesterday.
But after his shower, Daddy started doing research on our future home.
He researched and researched and did calculations on what we can afford...

But Mummy can tell that Daddy's fatique is gradually setting in...
His chubby face sinks deeper and deeper into our uber comfortable pillows...

And there came a point in time when Mummy could tell.. its furtile for Daddy to fight the sleep monster...

Reminds Mummy of something she's read in a book:
"Graduates leave university and can't find a job. Old people reach retirement and have almost nothing to live on. Grown-ups have no time to dream, struggling from nine to five to support their family and pay for their children's education, always bumping up against the thing we all know as "harsh reality"..." - Paulo Coelho, The Aleph
We spend so much time at work, trying to earn a living for what we think is a "better life". But then you never ever get to experience the "better life" other than in monetary terms and sometimes, not even in monetary terms. You can't witness the important milestones in your child's growth because you are hard at work. You can't rest in peace when you are sick because you need to be responsible at work. Somebody invented the idea of leave entitlement for the things that are important to you but yet, the word "entitlement" seem to be throughly ignored and entirely replaced with "subject to approval".

What happened to the "better life" you were working for?

I have been kindly adviced by countless people who have reached a stage in life where they can see clearly, what is important at the end of the day. They all tell me that it is entirely different from what you think is important now. But most people, including themselves, realised it too late.

Daddy works very hard to try and give us the best he can afford but Mummy makes it a point to let him know that we don't need the best of everything. We just want poor Daddy to get some rest.

06 September 2011

Joy Joy learns about shapes

Hello World!

My Daddy is a man of few words.. all he ever says to me every day are....

"Joy Joy! Daddy loves you very much!"

"Joy Joy Daddy sing song for you!"

"Bad girl! You can't kick Mummy..Daddy here, Daddy beat your butt butt!"

This morning whilse Daddy was sending Mummy to work, I decided to play with Mummy and so I gave a hard kick and Daddy finally told me something new!

He said "Joy Joy, round round thing cannot kick, square square thing also cannot kick!"

Hmmm... since I can't kick all the shapes in Mummy's tummy, I decided to become one of the shapes too!

And here it is.. I'm a triangle!
Pointy pointy!

Daddy is a good boy today

 Usually, Daddy is veeeeeeery reluctant to go and take his shower...

But today, Daddy is a good boy! He talked to Mummy for a short while after reaching home and announced he was going to bathe.

Mummy is very impressed...

05 September 2011

The ABC song

After a whole day of spring cleaning our room and discussing / deciding on the all important question of whether we buy an EC or a HDB, Daddy turned off the lights and we got ready to rest for the day.

Daddy smoothed out Mummy's hair, planted a kiss on Mummy's forehead, and made sure Mummy had all the pillows I need. He turned to rest but suddenly turned back and said: "Oh I haven't talked to my Joy Joy today!"

Somehow, Daddy thinks that Mummy's belly button is the weakest link in the whole of Mummy's tummy and believes that Joy Joy can hear him best if he directs his voice there. And so Daddy bent down, put his mouth to Mummy's belly button and said : "Joy Joy, Daddy loves you very much! Daddy sing a song for you.."

And he started to sing slowly "A-B-C-D-E-F-G.. H-I-J-K-LMNOP.... Q-R-S..T-U-V........................."

Daddy suddenly stopped singing. And Daddy stopped moving.

In the pitch darkness, Mummy wondered what happened to Daddy. "Maybe he's so tired he fell asleep" Mummy thought but Mummy didn't say a thing, only waited in silence.

Daddy finally asked :" Mummy, what comes after that?"

Mummy couldn't help but burst out laughing together with Daddy. It was sometime before Mummy could sing :" Double-U X... Y and Z..."

Daddy laughed really hard and said "Oh ya!". "Mummy, I was thinking very hard just now and I really forgot what comes next!"

Looks like Mummy's gotta teach both Daddy and Joy Joy your ABCs...

03 September 2011

Mummy and Daddy cry again

How Daddy lost his pomelo

Mummy felt tired just now and I took a nap on the bed whilst Daddy surfed the net on the floor by Mummy's side. After some time, Daddy woke Mummy up and said " Mummy, there's a story on video that is so touching that I cried". Mummy heard it as "Mummy, there's a story on radio that is so touching that I cried" hence I didn't ask about the story.

Mummy, who was getting comfortable in the bed and surrounded by pillows, saw that Daddy started to peel the pomelo which Grandma brought into the room for him to eat. Mummy felt like eating pomelos too and so she shifted her lying position in bed, made sure Daddy can see her and opened her mouth.

Daddy laughed heartily and then shared his pomelo with Mummy. Pomelos taste so good when you are being fed in bed without the need to peel it. Especially when you were fed with most of them. The ones Mummy just had were sweet and refreshing!

After eating the pomelos, Mummy told Daddy "Mummy, you should have eaten up the pomelos before waking me up". In response, Daddy showed me this:

Mummy teared when she was watching the video and so did Daddy.

Then, with a drop or two tears still making their way down Daddy's cheeks, Daddy said with a sulk: "Mummy, this is the reason why I lost my pomelos".

01 September 2011

Mummy's Hush Puppies

We were at the Robinsons private sale the other day when Daddy suddenly dragged Mummy to the shoe department.

Mummy: "Daddy you want to buy shoes?"

Daddy: "Yes, let's see if there are any comfortable shoes for you"

Mummy: "I don't need any, I've got plenty"

Daddy: "All your shoes are useless, they don't make you comfortable, only make you suffer. Remember the lesson of the comfortable work shoes?"

And so we walked to the shoes section. As usual, Mummy looked at shoes that in her mind had form and functionality but Daddy had very different ideas.

Daddy pointed to a super ugly pair of pumps and said that it looks comfortable. He touched the soles of the pumps and gave me his "this is incredible" look.

"Kitten, you gotta try this! Its extremely comfortable!". He said.

"eee.. So ugly.. Don't want!" I said and I gave him a scowl. "Mummy your taste is horrible!"

"All ugly shoes are comfortable." he said.

A pair of mother and daughter must have overheard our conversation and they laughed. I didn't hear it but according to Daddy, the mother nodded and agreed that all ugly shoes are comfortable.

In the end Mummy compromised. Daddy brought me a pair of Hush Puppies within the limits of my ugly threshold that was comfortable.

I wear it when it matches my outfit, 2-3 times a week. And admittedly, it's really comfortable.

Daddy loves the pumps. Last weekend I was wearing the pumps when Daddy suddenly said "Mummy your shoes are so pretty!". And then he gave me an innocent toothy grin.


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