11 December 2012

I moved (again).

I wanted it to be perfect before announcing to the whole wide world but one can just be a person and do things bit by bit.

16 October 2012

Good rest

I've not really been busy to the extent that I can't write. I just wanted to rest. And it was good rest.

All the time I had went to spending more time with Daddy and the little girl. We got out to sun ourselves on most weekends even if it's just to get some cheese at a cheese place that closed down or just my mom's place.

The little girl loves to be out although she is not immediately sociable. I'd like to think that her love for mummy and daddy is too profound.

We managed to pack and fit all of the little girl's new clothing (which I lugged all the way back from US) into 2 tiny square cabinet. Major achievement.

We've gotten the photos from our pre-wedding shoot. I think we made some pretty bad decisions during photo selection but it's nothing that would kill us. It's US afterall, how bad can it be (haha)? Just that, to me, the photos are boring. Totally the type I was trying to avoid.

Next, I'd need to spend time on the wedding and the little Girl's party arrangements. Be fun but busy.

19 September 2012

Guess how much I love you

Writing this on a connecting flight I've been on for 5 hour or more now. Time passes pretty quickly actually, except that there are too many things to do, I need to sleep more.

Missing the little girl.

Hopefully, she doesn't miss me as much. I don't want her to feel as terrible as I do now.

It's about 8.30pm in Singapore now. About the time I would be home for our daily personal time together before sleeping. I hope Daddy's home and doing that in my place, telling her how much she is loved.

I have so many photos of her in my phone, I can look at it anytime I want to. But she won't have many of me because I'm always the photographer. And I forgot the video I was going to make for her to cheer her up, just in case she missed me too.

31 August 2012

The best steak you can ever get at a hawker centre

They serve it sizzling hot. It smelt so good that other patrons were turning their head when the stall helper sent it to me. #truestory

Here it is.. Thick, juicy steak in black pepper sauce.

Honestly, trumps Aston's, Jack's place and some other fancy restaurants I've been to.

I ordered it medium and it was cooked to perfection. Outer layer was well done but not dry and the inner layer was not undercooked yet moist. Had to take a cross section picture!

To me, one of the best part of a steak is the fatty bits. Melted in my mouth. Not oily, just fatty if you know what I mean. I feel sad each time I hear of people removing the fatty bits, I mean, why eat a steak if you're health conscious? Go get some greens...

Priced at $9, it is worth every single cent in my opinion. So glad I discovered it by accident!

Where to get this:
Western Food
Blk 138
Tampines Street 11
Singapore 511138.

This is not a paid review, all opinions are my own.

30 August 2012

Some toys were made for the parents

The little girl's got a new toy.. Stackable rings from Fisher Price, supposed to be appropriate for 6months and up.

The rings are made of lightweight soft plastic material but the base of the toy and the top ring are made of hard plastic.

At 9 months old, it the concept of pain hasn't sunk in for my kiddo. She loves to test the toys on her head. Ouch!

Not cool, Fisher Price!

No love for the base but welove everything else about the toy. The rings are made of soft and sturdy plastic that doesn't hurt when JoyJoy used it to hit me. Looks like they will last for some time.

Super entertaining to play a game of "see who gets the ring faster" (try it!). We kept on pilling the rings on JoyJoy whilst she kept on removing them, each time faster than the last.

She was annoyed, look at that face! But all she got was more rings..Bad Daddy!

Eventually she kinda found it entertaining too and oh boy, I couldn't stop her! She chuckled and she chuckled...


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