30 August 2012

Some toys were made for the parents

The little girl's got a new toy.. Stackable rings from Fisher Price, supposed to be appropriate for 6months and up.

The rings are made of lightweight soft plastic material but the base of the toy and the top ring are made of hard plastic.

At 9 months old, it the concept of pain hasn't sunk in for my kiddo. She loves to test the toys on her head. Ouch!

Not cool, Fisher Price!

No love for the base but welove everything else about the toy. The rings are made of soft and sturdy plastic that doesn't hurt when JoyJoy used it to hit me. Looks like they will last for some time.

Super entertaining to play a game of "see who gets the ring faster" (try it!). We kept on pilling the rings on JoyJoy whilst she kept on removing them, each time faster than the last.

She was annoyed, look at that face! But all she got was more rings..Bad Daddy!

Eventually she kinda found it entertaining too and oh boy, I couldn't stop her! She chuckled and she chuckled...

1 comment:

  1. She's so cute in those photos! Yar, less cute when they're actually stacking the rings onto the base.



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