19 December 2011

1 full month

This picture was taken on 16 December 2011, the day we decided to deliver Joy Joy's baby shower eggs and cakes to our offices. When grandma bathed her to signify her 满月, our little girl turned into an Ang Ku Kueh.. As red as her 红鸡蛋.

I cut a little of her hair rather than have her shaved because she was born with very nice hair and I couldn't bear to shave them off.

These were the cupcakes we ordered for Joy Joy's full month. So cute, I couldn't resist!

The next day, we had Joy Joy's baby shower. It was torture for me to give up many precious hours of sleep to plan the baby shower but when I saw that people took the trouble to come, it was really worth the hours I had given up.

Joy Joy brought some old friends back in touch with me, simply because she is so adorable and I am very grateful for that. Some friends even came alone although they didn't know anyone else.

I purposely had her dressed up like this but not many people saw because she is all wrapped up. But so cute I had to take a picture.

We received alot of really useful and thoughtful gifts, so many that we needed help to bring them home. And lots of Ang Baos, which will all go into Joy Joy's personal savings account. the little girl is now RICHER THAN ME!

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