11 December 2011


Confinement is unbearable if you happen to have to do it during the hottest "Summertime" in Singapore.

I'm lucky that my confinement is in December but the weather is crazy. On the uber hot days in the afternoon, I really feel like a sticky red date. Dirty, sticky, sleep deprived.

One of the things I didn't get done before I gave birth was getting pajamas. I wanted light cotton pajamas that were bottom down in front. But surprisingly, it's not easy to get comfy ones.

I made do with whatever clothes I have at Daddy's place until one day, Grandma remembered that the SIL has some pajamas pants she never wears.

Exactly what I wanted!!

I asked her where she got them and she said she got them at a pasar malam long time ago. Gosh! Why didn't I think of looking at pasar malams!

Now I'm happy with 2 comfy, cotton long pants for my confinement. They are so cute and comfy that I decided to get more if I happen to see them. Preferably one adult set for me and another for Joy Joy to wear hen she is a bigger girl.... It'll be sooooo cute!

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