28 January 2012

The baby is a panda

The little one is hyperactive and hyper sensitive to light, temperature and sound when she's trying to sleep.....The result is a baby with dark circles and eye bags.

I've been working hard with Grandma to get her as much sleep as possible and we average about 10hrs a day as compared to the 15-20 recommended hours a day.

Sometimes I feel immensely guilty for bringing her out. CNY, meet up with friends, running errands etc.. All interfere with her need to sleep. She is so loved that everywhere we go.. people want to play with her.. Even strangers come up to me...good thing is she usually falls asleep when I use the sling.

Somedays she lets out an EXTREMELY loud and EXTREMELY frustrated cry which sometimes makes me cry too.

Don't know what else to do except to keep trying everyday.

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