09 January 2012

A moment with Joy Joy

Joy Joy dislikes being put into the carseat. She'd be ok initially but the journey always ends up with her crying hysterically.

I think it's claustrophobic for her to be strapped to an unfamiliar place. Maybe the head rest also has something to do with it.

Last night we were traveling home from my place and Joy Joy cried within minutes of being put in the car seat. I sat right beside her and tried everything I could to calm her down, aiming to let her know she wasn't alone and nobody abandoned her in a strange place, rather than hope to get her to stop crying.I sang to her, touched her, stroked her hair, talked to her and used white noise..

At one point she was crying badly and I felt sad so I put my forehead to her head and talked softly to her telling her not to be afraid when I happened to look up to the sky.

There were no stars, it was cloudy but suddenly I saw a perfectly round moon.

And I told joy joy "Joy Joy.. Mummy 陪你看星星.." then I tried "Joy Joy.. 你看有月亮.." after which Daddy passed me his phone to play (nursary) songs for Joy Joy but it went on to play the songs I use to sing and finally I laid my head beside Joy Joy's and told her softly, almost chanting "Joy Joy.. 你看, 今晚有月亮, 有云, 有星星, 有 Joy Joy, 有爸爸, 有妈妈, 还有妈妈喜欢听的歌..."

And gradually she stopped crying.. Looked at the sky whilst i kept telling her the same thing and slowly, she drifted to sleep..

It was a special moment for me, I felt very close to Joy Joy. It was the first time i watched the sky with her whilst we listen to the songs I used to perform very often together. Almost enchanting. Our little family traveling home in the dark, listening to the songs I know so well and love so much. And watching Joy Joy fall asleep in the midst of it all.

Often, the best things in life are accidental.

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