22 August 2012

Story of the bean pillow fun

Last weekend, Daddy was charged to entertain the little girl whilst I packed the wardrobe.

I was listening to their (one sided) conversation whilst sorting our clothing, back facing the kids when a bean pillow whizzed past my ear and dropped to the floor, narrowly missed hitting my head.

Before I could turn around or comment, I heard Daddy say: "JoyJoy! Why did you throw the pillow at Mummy!"

In the interest of fun, I threw it back to the bed and I heard laughter from Daddy. He told the little girl:" Isn't it fun! you throw the bean bean and WHEEEE... it comes back to us!"

The next thing I know, a bean pillow hit me on the head... followed by more laughter.

This to and fro happened a few times before I decided that Daddy the kids had enough fun. I stopped throwing the bean pillow back and ignored all pleas to throw the bean pillow back.

After a moment of silence, Mr Naruto whizz pass my ear and landed at my feet.

Looks like the kids really want to play.


  1. I love these family moments of just having simple fun together. Such a joy to hear the kids (big and small) giggle and laugh!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka



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