20 August 2012

That mad little thing called love

Yesterday was not the best day. Bedtime was also unusually difficult.

But for this:

You can't see anything?

I can.
I can even feel it.
And I can smell it.

My little girl, sleeping on her back in bed, with one leg over my thigh and one arm right beside mine, warm little hand holding my warm big one.

She smelt heavenly, snuggled close to me and made a little purr. I kissed her face, I stroked her hair and rubbed her back. She entrusts herself to me and slept even better knowing that I'm right beside her.

I feel like my whole world
is here in the room now. I love her so much, I'm gritting my teeth.


  1. Hee yeah totally, the mad thing called love and how it makes all the blues go away. Love how you describe it, I feel that every night too! Awesome!

  2. yeah! the feeling is awesome :)



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