13 February 2012

And the two babies sleep...

This is Daddy demonstrating his way of soothing Joy Joy to sleep. He whistles three times and blows bad breath on her eyes once whilst hugging her close to him and rocking gently. And for some reason, he likes to do it in that particular spot in the room.

Joy Joy gets lulled to a sleepy mood and she closed her eyes because Daddy is blowing wind into her eyes. The result is a baby who finally falls asleep.

I was lying on one side of the bed yesterday and Daddy was soothing Joy Joy on the other when he smiled in a silly way, looking at a sleepy Joy Joy and he said to me "how many times can I hug my daughter in my arms and help her to sleep." The look on his face was full of bliss.

The other night Joy Joy was unable to sleep for some reason and Daddy persevered in soothing her to sleep. From my observation, Joy Joy was probably asleep in 30 minutes or less but Daddy held on to her for something close to an hour or more.

After I helped him put Joy Joy down in her playpen an exhausted Daddy crashed beside me in bed and mumbled with his eyes closed in the most hilarious way.."mummy you know I love joy joy very much. My hand very painful but I know she's very tired and want to sleep.. So when she move, I hug her closer to me.. When she move i hug her closer to me.. Until she sleep"

"now my hand very pain. really very painful. I'm so tired... I'm going to sleep..."

And then I heard snores...

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