14 February 2012

I'll wipe your tears and warm your cheeks

She woke up crying close to midnight for her usual feed so I nursed her and changed her diapers.

Whilst I was changing her diapers, i wiped away the tears she had in her eyes and she smiled very brightly at me and this feeling brimmed up inside me. I love her so much.

When she was nursing I wished her a happy valentine's day and told her I've already asked Daddy to shoot the IC who planned his reservist schedule to have a night shooting tonight that Daddy won't be with us on valentine's day but he's missing Joy Joy badly. And she answered me with a "hmm". I told her "mummy loves you very much". And she answered me with a "hmm". Coincidence or not, it was extremely endearing. And I just love her so very much.

Then we got to the lying on me part of our usual night nursing sessions. Where she lies on me chest to chest and I get to do whatever I like to her kiss her eyes / nose / forehead / head, bury my face in hair to take in all the baby goodness, massage her shoulders and back and hug her tightly chest to chest. My favorite part of our nursing sessions.

This time I noticed her great baby cheeks were cold from the fan blowing at her, so I used my mummy hands to cup her cheeks and make them warm again. I feel so close to her.

Then it struck me.

One day, someone might break her heart on Valentine's day. Come that day, or any other day she is heartbroken / exhausted / down, I'll hug her tightly, wipe away her tears and warm her cheeks. Just like on her very first valentine's day.

(This is just me being emo. Daddy is more emotionally underdeveloped. If someone breaks my Joy Joy's heart on Valentine's day, he'll just break his legs. )

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