22 May 2012

My little human makes the world alright

The little girl has grown too big for our old bedtime routine. Tiny mummy me just don't have the strength to carry her well enough not to wake her up after the tummy time.

Missing it sorely.

But with grown comes awareness for my little human. That mummy is huggable!

She either reach out to hug my arm when she's half asleep:

Or she just hug mummy with her entire body when she fidgets in sleep.

Curiously, she hugs me with her eyes closed! Does she smell me then? I think so coz if I sleep at another end of the bed, she turns to the correct direction.

Some days, we just fall asleep holding hands. And I can imagine how it would be when she starts walking and holding my hand.

My little human.. She makes every bad day good again.

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