22 May 2012

We're on to food!

Before our holiday trip to Taiwan, I brought the little girl to the PD for a health check and clearance to travel, just in case.

She was all cleared of course and on top of that, the PD told me she could start eating.

She could start eating?!

Yay! I've been waiting a long time for this because:

(1) Joy Joy has been refusing milk from the bottle.

I'm told that some days she takes only 130ml whilst I'm away. But if I'm home, she nurses like she is really hungry.

I'm convinced that there are other reasons why she is rejecting the bottle because she used to take it willingly but i'm happy that we can introduce solids to her so that we can put some of that milk into the food.

My intention is still to have milk as her main source of nourishment but take away the pain of feeding her through the bottle.

(2) I have toys!

The avent steamer blender is god-sent! And you can see why from the picture above. Basically, the most difficult part about making nutritious baby food at home is cutting up the raw food!

This one hasn't attained god-sent status but I love my baby cubes pretty much!

They are cubes for freezing homemade goodness. I choose the good stuff, I make the good stuff and these little buddies safekeep the food for my little girl.

Airtight, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, BPA free, perfect size.

I love the 40ml/1oz cubes best and have 4 sets of those. I also brought one 70ml tray and a 140ml tray for future use.

Right now, Joy joy takes about 20ml of food each time so a cube is good for 2 meals.

They come with stackable trays but I find that the trays take up space. So I stack up the cubes:

The transparent cubes also make it easier for me to know what is contained inside. I just need to remember not to do carrots and pumpkin on the same batch...

The little girl's reaction is priceless!

It became apparent shortly before our trip that Joy Joy was interested in our food. And during our trip, it became absolutely obvious...

Finally her yearning for food climaxed to this:

Food snatching.
Its like she just couldn't take it anymore and so she decided to snatch take things into her own hands.

So! After our trip, I read up about introducing solids as much as I could and decided that for a start, we are going to introduce:

Butternut pumpkin

I had fun preparing the food..

Daddy helped too..

And we recorded the first time she had her avocados:

So far, we're good with avocados and bananas! She keeps on lunging forward to get one more mouthful and another and another and another..

We just started with butternut, the puree tastes better than imagined and I think after Joy Joy is on solids proper, I'm going to have other use for the steamer blender.

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