16 May 2012

Papa Day yesterday

Sometime during the period where Daddy had to travel alot (we see him like 1-2 days a week maximum then) for work, Joy Joy started to ignore him.

As in she would refuse to look at him or acknowledge his presence even if he was carrying her in his arms. She'd look away or just look down if Daddy forced her face to his direction with his hands and she can't look elsewhere. During the worst times, she cried each time she saw Daddy or each time he held her. And she cried badly.

I told Daddy I believe she is angry with him for not being around but heartbroken Daddy didn't believe me.

And so in April, we brought the little girl on a 9 day trip to Taiwan. The next morning, this is what happened (isn't the photo cute!!!! My favourite!):

She allowed Daddy to hold her and she watched a cartoon with him.

During the trip, she was fine with Daddy holding her and for the rest of the trip, the kids got along just fine.. In fact, better than fine.

She still loves me MORE (=p) though. In the mornings she would twist her body towards me and smile at me whilst hitting touching me with her hands whilst Daddy sulked in one corner..

But... one morning we found her voluntarily holding Daddy's hand whilst she slept (true story, not posed picture).

So all was very fine. Until we came back and Daddy returned to his usual absentee status, busy with work.

And she started ignoring him again.

And I told Daddy again that she is mad at him for being absent. And so he tried.

Daddy changed diapers for Joy Joy in the middle of the night, played with her whenever he could, held her and told her he loves her very much.

And yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, Joy Joy said "Papa"for the very first time.

But Daddy was not around to hear it. He just left the flat to send grandma and grandpa to the funeral.

I heard it alone. Twice. First time I thought I was imagining things but 2nd time round, it was clear as crystal!

Daddy is mighty happy although he didn't hear it himself. When i told him he gave us an uber big huge gigantic grin on his face.. And then he told Joy Joy "consider all your expenses paid!". Wahahaha

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