11 June 2012


I took the video because it moved me to see it. Our little girl mouthing some words whilst she hugged Daddy tightly and swayed with him to the music. She was so at ease. I call it dancing.

YouTube Video

And actually, she was doing the same with me before Daddy came back with the food and took it upon himself to carry Joy Joy whilst I eat.

I love the songs they were playing that day. It's one of those that go right through your body into your soul. And I hugged my little girl close to me, seated on a bench I managed to chope. We were tired and hungry and so to comfort us, I hugged her and we gently rocked to the music. She seemed comforted and it felt really good to do that.

I hope the little girl will grow up to enjoy music and let it comfort her in times of need.

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