06 June 2012


I was emo-ing a little this morning when I woke up because it is our Anniversary today and Daddy is away on business.

In the train, my way to work.. I swear that there was an unusual number of lovely dovey couples going to work together. A few of them were wearing diamonds on their ring fingers and I thought I saw the rings jeering at my ring. Like they go "my master has her hubby by her side". I think they communicate in morse code and go flash.. flash flash.. flash flash flash....

I reached office and continued to sulk.. Working quietly until my phone ring.


Someone with a very powerful diaphragm said "Ah.. Harlow is this Alex Wong? The address you give is wrong how you expect me to send?"


"I'm at the Concourse and they say there is no such person called Alex Wong!"


And this is it..

I've been on a high ever since I received the flowers. Still high. Really.

And its the first time I've received flowers from Daddy. All along, I told him that I don't like flowers.....

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