22 June 2012

Be grateful

Our little girl is currently blemished and would you just look at that glorious ring at her jaw? It used to be a red raised round patch.

Her cousins who live nearby go to childcare, they had to stay home 2 days ago because the two of them have a bad cough. The grandpa went over to take care of them for a day before coming back home to take care of the little girl.

When I reached home from working late yesterday, the little girl looked visibly sick. Red, watery eyes, running blocked nose, hacking cough and a fever. My heart was broken the minute I saw her and worse after she kept going "eh eh eh eh eh eh" continuously when she saw me. Not in the usual mischievous way, more like she was pleading with me. My heart was aching big time.

When I put her to bed for the night, she was unusually impatient, obviously unwell. Although she seemed to feel better after puking all over me.

We also spent quality time together throughout the night. I was up at various points in the night stroking her hair and holding her hand to comfort her.

She could only rest by hugging me like this throughout the night:

When I moved, she would cry. So like a good mummy, I just do what I needed to. Let my hand go so numb from being in the same position that it didn't feel like it belonged to me when I was woken up in the morning.

The photo of the little girl hugging me was just taken tonight. After she nursed for a long long time, holding on to my hand whilst she nursed. Being able to comfort her and knowing that the nursing comforts her is priceless to me and any mother to a child.

I really like the PD we saw today. She said the little girl would be well in no time if she gets ample rest. I'm glad the medication causes drowsiness because the little girl has bad sleep problems. She also helped me convince the grandma that the sarong is bad and you shouldn't leave anything in the sarong to increase the chances of suffocation. And I think our PD ought to be the spokesperson for this product, she raved about it so much that even the Grandma was convinced we needed it. And so we now have a new toy:

I haven't slept for more than 2 hours continuously since last night. Need to crash now but I just want to say that I'm grateful to have the chance to take care of the little girl. Especially after I saw this on FB last night:

This little girl suffered from some illness and had almost no chance of survival. Her parents decided to donate her kidney and liver, It saved the lives of two children in the next room. The picture shows them saying their last goodbye to their little girl. She looked like she was sleeping.

And now my heart is aching even more.

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