09 July 2012

Motherhood: Before and After

Recently, I joined a group known as Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB). We (if I may say so since I am not entirely active due to time constrains) have a secret FB page and a public page and I tell you the secret page is really interesting.

Some of the more active mummies are invited to media or public events and its interesting to read about how it went. And there are a lot of on-going linky parties (although i have been blogging since 2004, I only learnt about this through SMB) and the topics are creative.

The one about Motherhood: Before and After that gets me most (so far) is this one hosted by Mama J of Mum in the Making fame. And today I read this post shared by mummybean of Life is in the small things.

Just wanna say I totally GET her and I'm loving the post.

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