28 July 2012

The neurologist said..

that the little girl's probably having what they call shudder attacks which she is likely to outgrow. That being said, they are concerned that some parts of her attacks resembles fits, although other parts are totally uncharacteristic of fits.

So I heaved a sigh of relieve only to suck it all in again.

To be reasonably sure of their diagnosis, we need to monitor the little girl over a 4-6 week period and note down:

(1) Time of the attacks
(2) How long they last
(3) What she was doing before the attacks
(4) What she was doing after the attacks.

Additionally, we are to observe whether she turns blue / tired after each attack. If the attacks lasts more than 1 minute less than 5 minutes, we're to make an appointment with them immediately. If the attacks lasts more than 5 minutes, we are to call for an ambulance immediately.

Good news is, we are told that the little girl is progressing well developmentally, which is uncharacteristic of children suffering from neurological problems.

The wait was extremely long yesterday and the little girl was understandably tired. She had an attack when we were into our first hour of wait and I had a gut feeling she would do it again. So I got ready to video with my phone and managed to get a good recording:

YouTube Video

Only the upper portion of her body is stiff during the attacks. Her legs are relaxed. She doesn't look up, doesn't black out, doesn't turn blue, doesn't appear tired after that. The attacks are not rhythmic and she wasn't crying before that which rules out breath holding spells for now.

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