29 August 2011

Daddy holds my hand

As Joy Joy grows bigger and bigger, space for Mummy's bladder grows smaller and smaller.

Mummy wakes up every morning at or about 3.15am to 3.30am to pee once and another time at or about 5.30am, usually before Grandma comes in to bathe for the day.

Because of the peeing, Mummy could potentially disturb Daddy at least twice a night. Some nights, Daddy the pig sleeps peacefully through it all. Some nights Daddy stirs and Mummy ends up with a big baby in her arms. On other nights, Daddy wakes and asks Mummy is she is ok / cold then pulls mummy into the cocoon he's built with our quilt and pillows, so that Mummy is warm and secure.

More often recently, Daddy holds Mummy's paws hands when Mummy comes back to bed after her peeing session. He smooths out Mummy's hair, kisses Mummy's forehead and covers me with our quilt before patting me back to sleep, with my paws hands still in his.

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