24 August 2011

Daddy washes the dishes

Daddy and I have problems deciding where to go for dinner every night because both of us are not fussy eaters. I left it to Daddy again last night to decide where to go and he brought me to a new place. Daddy said he noticed that is always packed whenever he drove past although he has not the slightest idea what food they sold.

Before we got off the car, I suggested to pick up the tab for dinner but since Daddy insisted that would pay, I got off the car with only my phone.

We ordered based on our observations of what other people ordered. I got a little worried when Daddy came back to sit down at the table and told me in whispers that he wished he had agreed to me bringing my wallet along. He was becoming unsure if he had enough cash to pay for the food.
We did have enough money in the end but in the car on the way back, Daddy asked me to pass him some cash for tomorrow because he wouldn't be able to withdraw in time. I laugh and said ok..................But I forgot.

After lunch today, I was in a meeting when I received a text message...

Daddy: "Mummy never pack money for puppy"

Me: "Oh dear!! I'm so sorry baby!!"

Daddy: "sobs sobs"

Daddy: "Puppy now washing plates"

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