21 August 2011

The Joy Room

Of all the rooms in our future home, I think I would enjoy decorating the Joy room most.

Although I should really wait for the little girl's personality to emerge, so that I can tailor it more to suit her, I could not help myself when I came across some fantastic decor ideas off the internet and my obsession, pinterest.

Good natural light (environmentally friendly, energy saving), looks like airflow is good too.
Most importantly, not cluttered, very cozy and welcoming.

Pretty for a girl's room!

These drawer pulls are a genius invention! If I were a child, I would enjoy them for sure. 

Evil evil.. these fabric stools are sooooo cute!
I have an obsession with the grey / yellow color combination.
It looks cheerful yet restful all at the same time.
Wouldn't it be fun if the little girl has her own envelope inbox?
We could leave notes, toys, and other surprises for her. It'll be a super childhood memory.

What a lovely corner to rest and enjoy a book!
Best soft toy organization idea, ever!
Something I want to make sure the little girl knows.

I love owls.. hehe

Check out the curtains, that tiny rocking chair and those stuffed buddies...

Its true, I know such a little girl.

Lots more on my pinterest here. Enjoy!

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