24 August 2011

Why you gotta say the I love you(s)

Some weeks ago Daddy and I were mad at each other over something. So mad at each other.

I was on leave and had some errands to run. Daddy dropped me off before he went for a course although he was upset but we seethe in anger in the car and didn't talk to each other or rather Daddy didn't respond to me. He believes that we should only talk about it when we've both calmed down. It didn't help really, my mood was further aggrevated because I was ignored.

Although Mummy was upset and close to tears, I made sure I said "I love you mummy" before I got off the car. I didn't expect it but Daddy made it in time to reply "I love you too" before I slammed the door shut.

That day, I went to a few places and my last stop was KKH to make some enquiries in person. Normally, I would plan errands to last the day so that I would be done around the time Daddy gets off and we could go home together. But that day, I decided to get home on my own because I was feeling tired. 

Later in the evening, Daddy called when his course was over.
Daddy: "Kitten, where are you?"
Me: "I'm home.."
Daddy: "What are you doing?"
Me: "I'm doing xxx so that we can discuss it later"
Daddy: "I'm so proud of you.. Ok, I'm coming home now. Love you mummy"
Me: "Love you too.."
Minutes later, I got another call from Daddy. Daddy is home and he wants me to open the door for him I thought.

But Daddy said: "Mummy, I got into an accident"

I was stunned. I went "huh?" a few times and Daddy repeated himself patiently before I finally understood what he was saying. Before I could ask if he was hurt, Daddy told me he had to go and would call me back later.
After the call ended, I started to think..what if i hadn't told him i love him when i got off the car just now and never got the chance to say it again? or worst .. what if i told him i hate him when i got off the car just now?

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