31 August 2011

To stay home or not to stay home

Daddy and Mummy are lucky because we make a comfortable sum of money every month. However, the family commitments are also heavy and risk of rainy days high.

Mummy would love to be a stay home mum so that Joy Joy gets all the attention and care you need.

But I can't.

If Daddy is the sole breadwinner, he'll probably have to try and climb the corporate ladder which in turn means long working hours which in turn means he will more likely than not miss Joy Joy's growing up years.

How can I be so selfish.

The additional income also means we have the means to bring Joy Joy on holidays around the world and that we'll be able to rest assured we can afford to give Joy Joy a certain standard of life.

Our decision might change one day, if we find that it's not working out the way we planned but looks like Mummy's gotta continue working after giving birth.

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