27 August 2011

Grandpa's discipline

Grandpa's glass of hot milo tells a story.

Once upon a time, Grandpa was a heavy smoker, about 2 packets a day...until the day he had a little boy (my little brother), who told him "Papa, it's so smelly".

After that, Grandpa stopped smoking. Just like that.

Fast forward to a few months earlier, Grandpa had a can of beer or two a day... until he went for a check up and the doctor told him that the beer was destroying his health.

After that, Grandpa stopped drinking. Just like that. He now drinks Milo in place of the beer.

Everybody knows how hard it is for someone to kick a 10, 20 over year habit but Grandpa did it right away, the moment he made up his mind to do so. Mummy thinks that Grandpa is the most disciplined person she knows.

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