27 August 2011

Deciding on an unknown

The little girl has such an affinity with elections, she's been through 2 even before she was born. The General Elections and the Presidential Elections. Daddy and I are entitled to vote in both.

I am constantly reminded by people who might have been through worse. I agree, we're (Singapore) not doing too badly but just because it's worse in your country, really doesn't qualify what I see in ours and is not a reason why we should leave things as it is.

I love my country and want something better for it. This is not something that can be appreciated by people who do not love my country the way I do, or people who have given up in their hearts, nor people who feel that nothing is wrong in the first place.

Also, when you have a child, you vote with a real concern for the future of your country. I care because my little girl will inherit the decision I make.

What change do I expect?
Little changes. Small steps towards a better future.

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