28 August 2011

Mummy 1 Daddy 0

Hunger struck when I was in the bedroom and Daddy was in the living room. I craved badly for mcnuggets.. and golden crispy fries.

Shortly after, Daddy received 2 MMSes:

He saw the pictures a little late, I got impatient and so I gave Daddy a call.

Me: "Mummy did you see my message?"

Daddy: "What message? I see now."

- seconds passed -

Daddy: [laughs] "You want isit?"

Me: "..... its just that I've been thinking about them the whole of today"

Daddy: [laughs] "Ok, I go buy for you"

Minutes later Daddy came into the room and laid on the bed. Then he asked me what's the minimum spending to get free delivery. I researched and we both think that would mean we have to order too much food that would go to waste.

Daddy seemed tired and he closed his eyes for a little while. I asked if Daddy was tired and Daddy nodded his head.

I struggled with the images of food in her head and the sight of Daddy's tiredness.. Then I said:"Daddy tired ah.. Then dun go.. Joy Joy and I won't feel hungry after we're asleep"

Daddy opened his eyes, got out of bed and changed, laughing "That is the most potent thing you can ever say" he said.

Yeah! Mummy is a winner!

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