27 August 2011

Mummy Practice

Daddy had bad diarrhea this morning, I could smell it from the bed. I asked Daddy if I could help do anything for him to lessen the pain of his childbirth session and he said I could fetch his phone for him. And so I did.

When Daddy was finally done, he plopped himself back onto the bed and told me that I need to practice.

Me: "Practice what?"

Daddy: "Next time Joy Joy is not feeling well, she won't be able to tell you. All she'll do is cry"
And then he proceeded to pretend to cry like a baby.

Me: "Why baby, why you cry?"

Daddy: "Mummy, you're not supposed to ask me, you're supposed to find out."
Daddy the baby cried even harder.

Me: "Ok baby, Mummy shioh shioh, dun cry... unless you want me to cook and eat you for dinner"

The big baby hid in the pillows and quiet down after that.

I think I'm going to make a great Mummy.

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