23 August 2011

Phobia fun

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Because of the possibility of Downs, I had my blood drew at almost every gynae visit for one test or another. When we switched from a private gynae to KKH, Daddy was present as well and since so, he was asked to do a blood test for thalassemia.
I had to provide 3 tubes of blood in total for testing different things other than thalassemia, whilst Daddy only had to provide 1 tube. We were just done with the blood test when the nurse asked me and Daddy to keep our arms bended.
Daddy: Mummy mummy.. I feel faint....I can't feel my arm..
Mummy: Darling, if you can't feel your arm, what about me? I had 3 tubes drawn.. i could hear the sound of the blood gushing against the blood sample tube..  it went like *shush shush shush*
Daddy: [turns pale] Stop talking about it mummy! I can't feel my legs..

Daddy oh Daddy.. how can you survive my labour??  

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