04 October 2011

BKT in a sauna

The last time we were in JB to do some nursery shopping, Daddy brought me to a favorite food hunt of ours, for delicious ba kut teh:

Basically you try to get a seat in a coffee shop that's so hot it's like a sauna and wait patiently for your food.

Daddy ordered a pot of Bak Kut Teh with all the ingredients they have available ( I suspect he doesn't know what to order otherwise since there are too many ingredients to choose from) to go with our white rice.

We were also lucky that when Daddy ordered the youtiao, freshly fried ones were just delivered to the shop and we were the first customers to get them. They were soooooooooo good!

We had a bowl of heavenly iced aiyu each before our meal was served and shared one more bowl after that.

It was one of the best meal I had since my birthday trip to Malacca. Extremely satisfying!

The place also serves the best sesame dark soya sauce chicken but we didn't order because the last time we tried, we could barely finish the food... So I'm waiting for Tan Bear Bear and Fong Hippo to go with us another time!

Meanwhile, here's a picture to drool over:

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