09 October 2011

Breastfeeding education

Whatever it takes, I'm dead bent on breastfeeding Joy Joy. She'll get the best nutrition and we'll save money, amongst other benefits of breastfeeding.

So.. Sometime ago, I signed up for a 3-day breastfeeding workshop and made sure Daddy knows his attendance is needed. Today, we went for the first of a series of breastfeeding workshops.

Breastfeeding 101 - Being Prepared

This workshop covers the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby and mother, how milk is produced and how baby gets breast milk. We will share on the physical, mental and emotional preparations for breastfeeding as well as the important role of support within the family and community. A father shares on how to support his wife.

In terms of information, this first workshop offers nothing I couldn't somehow find on the Internet and some of them I already knew from the research I have been doing on breast feeding. Their notes are not the best and the speaker is a stay home mummy who wasn't too professional but I did get information I wouldn't think to research on. The best part about this workshop is having the father come speak on how to support breastfeeding, seeing how healthy his children are for myself in person and listening to some of the things he related to us.

We were late today and had to sit on separate tables side by side. I asked Daddy to take notes (so that he gets the information) whilst I listened to the content to absorb it.

The workshop seem to be over subscribed, last minute seating arrangements had to made for some couples, there were a few volunteer mummies who came
in and out of the room at will and many many babies brought into the room.

Despite everything, I have a gut feeling that the workshops will really help me prepare myself and prepare Daddy on breastfeeding Joy Joy and I really want to go for each and every one of the series.

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