05 October 2011



Recently, JoyJoy has been displaying her athletic capabilities in my tummy. Usually swift, sudden and lethal.

Recently, Daddy seem to have a new habit. Before he literally takes things in his own hands by rubbing Mummy's tummy, he has started to give Joy Joy verbal warnings that goes:

"Beepoo Beepoo Policeman!"
"Joy Joy, policeman is here!"

If and when the verbal warning doesn't work, Daddy gives me a "I don't believe it look" before placing his palms on my tummy and putting his mouth at my belly
button, repeating:

"Joy Joy, policeman is here!"
"Beepoo Beepoo Beepoo Beepoo"
"Cannot bully Mummy! Mummy love you so much you know!"

Wahaha... wahahahaha..

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