17 October 2011

The Delivery Suite

When we've done all that we could, I told Grandpa to go home and rest and then Bear Bear sent us home with our things.

When we reached home, Grandpa on Daddy's side started telling us about the bulb of the lighting in the living room. I was exhausted and I went into the room to check on my tummy again. I started to wonder if I should go see a doctor.

It looked better now, one red line where the seatbelt was and I must have been mistaken about the bruising coz I couldn't see it now.

In the background, I could hear Daddy tell his parents that we had an accident. They blamed him for being careless and I walked out to support him, telling them it's not his fault. I was upset with them, really can't help it because just feels so lousy to have people fault find when an accidents happened. What about how lucky we were not to be seriously injured?

Daddy put me to bed and turned on the aircon so I could feel more comfortable. I lie down for some time and grabbed my phone to research on whether I should go to the hospital. What I found on the Internet scared me. I called XY but she was in Msia. Then I called Grandma on mummy's side to ask her to ask my aunt, who is a nurse at KK.

Grandma on Daddy's side knocked on the door to come in. Then she asked how I was. I said I'm fine. Daddy said I'm resting and asked her not to worry.

Daddy saw that I was worried about Joy Joy and told me to rest whilst he get things ready for me to go get a check at KK. He packed, got things ready and offered incense to his ancestors before leaving home. We took a cab and reached KK in the evening.

We went to the 24hrs admission office but was re-directed to the delivery suite because I was above 22 weeks of pregnancy.They did some quick paperwork and sent me back to the same bed I was lying in last Tuesday for monitoring. This time I took pictures for Daddy since he couldn't come in.

Monitoring devices on my tummy:

Monitoring machine:

Daddy asked if Joy Joy kicked the monitoring devices like the last time, and I said no, she was very quiet. Daddy said maybe she was hiding from the device.

But right after that Joy Joy started to move alot, kicking and having fluctuations in her heartbeat. I took a video to show him how Joy Joy's heartbeat was fluctuating:

Daddy said maybe she realised she couldn't hide from the devices and decided to ATTACK.. CHARGE... -_-'''. Anyway, one thing about these visits is that you learn how to read the charts. The top portion charts Joy Joy's heartbeat and the bottom portion charts the contractions I'm supposed to be having.

After and hour or so, I was told that I was having regular contractions (all if which I didn't feel at all) and that I needed to be admitted. I texted Daddy to tell him about the admission and he said the nurses informed him already and he would be allowed to be with me.

I was expecting to be sent to the ward but instead i was sent straight to the labour room. Told to change into delivery wear and lie on the delivery bed. They put the monitors on my tummy again and continued to monitor me.

The first time the Doctor came in, she told me my contractions are about 10 minutes apart but baby is fine. I told her I couldn't feel anything except for very very mild cramps like menstrual cramps. And my back was hurting because of the position I was in.

When the nurses, midwife and doctors left us alone in the delivery suite, an admin staff came in and asked us about which ward we want to choose. Because Joy Joy would be pre-term if born now, we were told that the charges would be very expensive if we go ahead even with the subsidized class we had chosen earlier. I told Daddy it's up to him, I am fine with anything and I trust Daddy's decision. And so Daddy went out to settle administrative stuffs.

Whilst waiting, I took photos of the delivery room:

When Daddy came back, he was wearing this:

"so cute!" I said and "oh they even put the delivery suite number on the tag". Daddy laughed and said "No wonder they know where I needed to go! I was lost just now one the way back"

Daddy then showed me the admission papers. He enrolled me in the same class we decided on before although it would cost 16k for me to deliver Joy Joy and 1.9+ k for my hospitalization fees. He dared not sign up for a private class for fear of the medical costs but he tried his best and went for the highest subsidized that would enable me to rest in an aircon ward. I told him I was so sorry to spend so much of his hard earned money.

The second time doctor came in, she said my contractions were getting closer and closer, about 2 minutes apart, although I still felt nothing. She said she would put me on a pill meant to stop the contractions. 1 every 15 minutes, 4 to be taken in an hour. I was served with the first pill shortly.

In case I was going to deliver told Daddy to try get a camera. His iPhone might run out of battery and my phone camera was faulty. Daddy tried his best and we managed to find a friend who told us not to worry, anytime we need the camera, he would bring it to us right away.

Shortly after, Mummy's Aunt, who happened to be on night shift came to see me before she started work. She gave us an Ang Bao and told starving Daddy to quickly grab a bite before the food places close but Daddy refused. I was grateful to see another familiar face.

There was a comfortable chair by my bed, one which Daddy and I spotted before in courts, but Daddy hardly sat down the whole time. He said he wanted me to be able to see him and know that he was there all the time.

We switched on the TV and there was nothing interesting on except for:

Daddy was so transfixed at the cartoon but he was still very attentive. "Are you slipping down?" "Mummy want to drink water?"

I needed to pee a few times. For the first 1 or 2 times, they allowed me to go to the toilet but after that, they said I had to use a bed pan. The first time, the nurse fetched it for us and Daddy said he wanted to help. He went to the ensuite toilet and grabbed some toilet paper. The nurse helped me on the bed pan and I relieved myself. After that Daddy told the nurse he would clean me up because he know I was uncomfortable with the nurse cleaning me up.

Bear Bear went alone to our place to grab the hospital bag I pre-prepared so that Daddy could stay by my side throughout. After which he went home to feed his dog before bringing the bag over and getting dinner for Daddy. And so Daddy went out for his first break in hours since Bear Bear can't come into the delivery suite.

Mummy watched TV and chatted with Grandma on the phone. When Daddy came back, Mummy was slipping down on the bed. He adjusted my position for me and made sure I was comfortable.

And then I had to go another time. The nurse was not around and i couldn't get off the bed with all the monitors on me. Daddy said "Mummy, let me serve you ok!". He went to look for the bedpan, helped me on it, cleaned me and even washed the bedpan by himself. I felt so bad but I saw that when Daddy was doing all that, was doing it happily, voluntarily and without any complains. Daddy asked me why I looked at him that way and asked if I feel it was very 委屈 for him to do that and I nodded my head. He told me not to be silly, as long as I am comfortable, he is happy to serve me. I felt very glad to have married Daddy at that point in time.

I just felt like tearing at that time and I did. The day felt so overwhelming with everything moving so fast. Daddy was holding my hand and standing by my bedside. It felt so comforting.

Sometime after, a nurse came in to check on my contractions and see if the orange pills had any effect. I don't seem to be reacting well to them she said seeing that I continued to have regular contractions. So I definitely had to be admitted for observation although the tests they did seem to indicate that I'm probably not going into labour.

The doctor came in and said similar things. I asked if I really need to be warded and she said it's better for me to be warded so that they can observe me properly since I'm still having contractions and not considered stablised. When the doctor left and the nurse went out to make arrangements, Daddy and I took photos.

This is the machine they used to monitor me:

And this is how long the paper charts were:

And a picture of me on the delivery bed after I got the chance to removed my contact lens and make up.

Daddy said it was so shiok for us to get a room to ourself. He said maybe we could go for A1 class if Joy Joy is not born pre-term. That would be really nice but we both worry about the cost I think.

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