31 October 2011

2nd time (Part 1)

After I discharged from hospital, I experienced backache and dizziness which comes and goes. Once the dizziness was so bad the room was spinning. I was nauseous unable to stand up even with Daddy supporting me. I also felt bruises to the left side of my tummy which hurt whenever Joy Joy kicks / moves around there.

My review with the Gynae on 21 Oct reveals that the orange pill (adelete) they put me on to reduce contractions is likely the cause of my dizziness since it lowers my blood pressure substantially. The ache on my left side increased whenever I lifted my left leg but the Doctor insisted I walk more.

We had dinner with Tan Bear Bear and C last Sunday and I felt backache from just sitting down for that 2 hr meal. It hurt to the extent that I had to stand up towards the end of the meal.
Come Monday, I reported at KKH again. Complained of a backache
L but they found my left hip very swollen. After lying more than 30 minutes in the delivery suite on my back for the usual monitoring, there was excruciating pain on my left side, I couldn't move.

Doctor on duty examined me and the flipping over was so painful my eyes filled up with tears and my palms sweated badly. Seeing the swollen hip and the pain i was in, the Doctor suggested an X-ray. And when I asked about the effect of X-ray in Joy Joy, she said "Baby at 35 weeks is unlikely to be affected by X-ray anymore since X-ray only affects baby's development" she says. "There is almost zero risks involved".

On her advice, I agreed. And was wheeled to the diagnostic imaging department in the bed i was lying in. I asked the lady who was to do my X-ray again, on the effect on Joy Joy and she said something different. "We can't give you a percentage but risk of affecting your baby's development is small. Although there are still some risks since the rays needs to pass through your abdomen.". I asked to please be wheeled back to the delivery suite and refused to sign the consent form for X-ray.

Back at the delivery suite, a bone doctor came to see me. He asked me if I could walk, I said I think I can manage to limp but don't think I can exert pressure in my left side. Both doctors discussed and suggested that I be admitted.

Daddy, who came during his lunch time, told me to go ahead, although I preferred to rest at home. He attended to the admission procedures whilst I was left in the delivery suite, lying with a small pillow under my back on my right side for the next few hours. Strapped to 2 monitors and no food since 9plus in the morning when I first got there. Pity Daddy was not allowed in the Delivery suite.

A nurse finally remembered me and asked if I was hungry. I nodded my head vigorously whilst my left palm held on to the right railing of the bed to reduce pressure on my left side. She said she would try to find some milk and biscuits for me and she did. Warm milk and biscuits.

I was wheeled to the ward in my bed and then 3-4 nurses at the ward used the patslide to transfer me to my bed at the ward. Never felt more immobile in my life.

Daddy was late to go back but he stayed long enough to ensure I was properly settled, passed me his portable battery for the phone before leaving to return to the office. "Bye bye kitten, I'll come and see you again after work. Call you when I get home so that you can tell me what to bring for you" he said. Planted a kiss on my forehead and left.

I was miserable. Hate to be admitted. This time round it was worst, I can't even go to the toilet on my own, they gave me a bed with full side railings, so each time I need to pee I have to press the call bell for then to release me from the bed and help me to the toilet.

The nurse who was in charge of orientations me did a really bad job. She told me about the visiting hours, meal times, checked my name and that was it. No change of clothes, left the remote for controlling bed adjustments AND the call button out of my reach. When change of clothes finally arrived, when helping me to change, she yanked my top off and pulled at the shorts I was wearing with all her might, causing me to cry out in pain. After that, she simply threw my things in the side drawer and didn't bother to close it properly:

I was starving hence asked for food. She didn't check that I had gestational diabetes, brought me a very sweet chocolate muffin and sweet milo, I requested for the biscuits after that because I couldn't take the muffin:

After all that happened in the morning, I was exhausted and finally, without realizing it, fell asleep after having some biscuits with plain water.

Grandma on Mummy's side came and brought me dinner in the evening. Cod fish with green leafy veges, ikan billis and apportioned rice because she knew I couldn't take too much starch:

The hospital food went to poor Daddy again when he came to see me after work without having dinner coz he had to rush home to get my things. Grandma kept the hospital food in the bento box used to bring my food so that it is kept warm and hygenic. The food is not bad actually although Daddy's expression didnt say so...

Before he came, a huge hamper was delivered to me by the Company and poor Daddy had to lug it back home.

The nurses were stricter with the visiting hours and Daddy had to go soon after he came.

Back home, Daddy sent me a video to cheer me up. I won't upload it for fear that he would murder me but it helped immensely to make me feel better in the hospital.

Not much rest for the night either because I needed to wake up to pee or the nurses woke me up to take my blood pressure / give me medication etc. I only had about 3-4 hours of interrupted sleep.

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