04 October 2011

Our first concert

Daddy is not a concert lover. Especially not mandarin pop. But Mummy is.

One day last month, xy had complimentary tickets to a concert she wasn't able to attend and she asked if Mummy wanted to go:

When I told Daddy about it he asked me to take it from XY. "I know you want to go.. I'll go with you" then he beamed his "I'm a good boy" look.

On the day of the concert, Daddy was running a fever and having flu. We also had a full day planned. I was on the verge of passing the tickets to other friends a few times but he stopped me each time. But I still tried once, when he was away getting dinner for us but it was too last minute,
our friends weren't able to make it.

And so Daddy still went with me in the end... With many packets of tissue paper.

Despite their popularity now, I didn't like many of the artistes who performed, save for one and Daddy agrees she's the only saving grace for the concert.

Daddy was entertaining himself by reading comics on his phone through the night but when this artiste performed, he too, took notice and looked up.

Many times throughout the concert, the music was disturbing for me. And Joy Joy kicked hard as well. To shield her from it, I had to cover my tummy with a shawl and rubbed my tummy to try and calm Joy Joy down. I don't know, maybe I'm interpreting it wrongly, she might have kicked because she loved it.. But I didn't get positive vibes.

Anyway, I'm happy that Daddy went with us. He said that if Mummy starts performing again in future, he'd bring our precious little girl there to support me. Sweet thought... although I don't think I'll be performing anytime soon after Joy Joy is born.

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