25 October 2011

Finally discharged

We fell asleep but it was torturous. I was in dilemma, pillow between my legs or pillow behind my back? Back was aching like crazy but if pillow is not between my legs I feel like I'm squeezing Joy Joy.

In the end, it was pillow between my legs and rolled up receiving blanket behind my back:

Daddy left it for me to use when bathing, coz I hadn't had the chance to pack a towel. Good thing he did.

I had a total of about 4 hours of sleep before being woken up by the nurse again to take my blood pressure. Normal she said.

Then the doctor came to see me. "Anything you want to let me know?" she said. I was barely awake and really couldn't think / forgot to mention the very tense muscles at the back of my neck and a freaking bad headache. I only complained about feeling a bruised tummy, it hurts whenever Joy Joy moved. She said she didn't see any bruising and told me I need to be monitored another time in the morning. If the contractions stabilize, I could discharged if I want to, maybe in the evening. Of course I said I wanted to and I asked if I could go in the morning. The hospital stay wasn't very restful although I am extremely grateful for the aircorn.

I tried to sleep after the doxtor left but heard my phone vibrate shortly. It was Mummy's aunt. Her night shift just ended and she asked if I wanted any breakfast. I said no need but she was so kind to buy me hot soybean curd with soybean milk. Sugarless. It was so good to have that on a cold morning. So good.

Whilst I washed up, she informed the nurse about my neck and head and the nurse said I should have told the doctor in the morning because the doctor will not be seeing me again. I asked to see any doctor on duty anyway.

After an hour or so a young doctor came to see me. I told her about the whiplash, headache and a growing pain in my left hip. She asked if I felt numbness in my limbs.. I said no. Then she asked if I had problems peeing or passing motion.. I said no and she just told me to take panadol for pain and come back if I felt numbness in my limbs or have problems peeing / passing motion.

After that I went back on the bed to rest and wait to be discharged. I was falling asleep when the phone vibrated. Text message frm Daddy asking me what I need him to bring, then he told me he watched DVD until 7am because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to wake up. But in the end he still fell asleep.

I sent him a photo of the soya beancurd I had and another of the hospital breakfast:

"You want breakfast?" I asked. "I already had the soya beancurd, this one can give you".

No reply from Daddy so i thought he had gone back to bed to steal a little more sleep. I told Daddy to sleep more but he said he's on the way. Shortly after I got another text message:" huff huff" "puff puff" "mummy mummy"

"why?" I asked. "forgot my ward number?"
"boo" he texted and next thing was that I saw his head peeping over the curtains. Yay! Daddy came early to accompany me. 9.11 am.. If he slept at 7 he must have been really tired!

He's the only hubby who visited so early and also the only one who visited before I discharged. So proud if him:

Daddy was tired and needed to read the newspaper / use his phone / talk to keep awake. I was sleepy then and was struggling to stay awake.

Taken during one of my waking moments, reception is really not great in the ward:

Daddy doesn't want to take photos anymore:

This is a sleepy and grumpy Jiao Jiao:

It took the longest time for my discharge papers to be completed and whilst waiting, we keep hearing baby cries in the ward.. Lovely..

Such a relief when I was finally told I could go. But the doctor didn't write anything to give me a scan and there were some appointments they had not properly arranged. I had to be at the nurses' station for sometime before everything could be settled.

Lastly, finally, Daddy was able to "purchase" me, they cut my "price tag" and we were free to go:

We had lunch and did another round of pre-admission (served by the admission office that has staff with super super bad attitude consistently) before going home to concuss in bed. More exhausted than anything really.

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