11 October 2011


I first felt Joy Joy begin to engage on Tuesday evening. It was 11 October 2011.

"Labour?! So fast?!" I thought. "10 October 2011, not a bad birth date" on 2nd thoughts. I really thought it was 10 October.

Joy Joy was pushing her head down constantly over a period of about an hour or so. I thought she was just playing but when it became more and more obvious and more and more painful each time she pushed down (like sharp pain!), I felt like I had to get advice.

I walked out of my place at work and talked to the first Mummy colleague I saw. She took a look at me, I explained what I was feeling and she said I should really go to the hospital right away.

So we went.

Her husband sent me. The pain came and go but the feeling that Joy Joy was pushing down could be felt constantly.

I called Daddy and told him I'm going to the hospital, not sure if I'm going into labour and he said "So fast? What should I do now? Which hospital should I go to?"

"KK! Which other hospital!"

"Ok, i'll go and find you now!"

I was sent to a little bed in the delivery suite in a wheelchair shortly after reaching the hospital. They put 2 monitoring devices on my tummy and told me I need to be monitored before they can tell if THIS IS IT.

Joy Joy was EXTREMELY active the whole time I was lying there. Lying down flat took the pushing sensation away and the cramps moderated gradually until I couldn't feel anymore in the end.

The charts were crazy in terms of baby movement and quiet in terms of contractions. I wasn't having contractions afterall. What a great relief because Joy Joy is just 33 weeks old, she needs another 4-5 weeks before she can reach full development. I was so so relieved although the odds of her surviving well are not low at all at 33 weeks.

After the incident, my research shows that it's common to have this happen. Baby is beginning to move into position for labour but it's not labour.. Yet!

Since then, i've had the most horrible backache. I think it's from lying down flat on my back for a long time in the delivery suite.

Sleeping is never the same again. I can't turn in bed without feeling Joy Joy's weight and being suffocated by it for at least a few seconds. But the good thing is, I fall asleep just as well. Just that i feel hot all the time. Daddy shivers in the aircon unless he gets the quilt wrapped all around him whilst I only need to cover my limbs with the quilt for fear of cramps.

When awake, Joy Joy's feet (I think) rests just under my ribcage. And she is forever stepping on my ribcage. Sometimes it hurts like hell, sometimes it suffocates me but it tells me that my Joy Joy is probably doing well to be so active.

I can't cross my legs as well, I get kicked immediately whenever I do that and sometimes, even when lying propped with pillows in bed. I think its coz I'm effectively squeezing her head at least a little.

After the incident, Daddy and I realized that we're not ready for Joy Joy's birth yet. The hospital bag's not packed, playpen / cot (kindly passed down by my cousin) not set up yet, confinement food not catered yet and many things needed not bought yet. We better do these fast.

I just can't wait to see my Joy Joy... And I cant wait to get some rest in the hospital after birth. Soon, I think!

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