01 November 2011

2nd time (Part 2)

The next morning I was woken up early. When I opened my eyes, I saw a whole group of nurses in front of my bed, they said they were handing over the shift and introduced me to the nurses who were in the ward the day before and the new nurses on the shift. After that I saw a number of hospital personnel including the doctor on duty, a medical officer, a physiotherapist and the senior doctor in charge that day.

At about 7.30am I texted Daddy to wake him up and then fell asleep after waiting for a short while for his reply. When I woke again it was about 8.00am and there was still no response from him. "Shit" I thought, "He must have overslept". So I started to call him on his mobile and at home. Still no response / answer until i heard a familiar voice say "Hello Mummy" and a familiar head looking at me.

It was a working day and i didn't expect sleepyhead Daddy to be able to wake up in time to come to the hospital to see me before work. He said he knew I must be bored and all alone in the hospital so he got up early to bring me young coconut juice and the slippers he forgot last night. So proud of him.

Daddy had to go to work, so he left after a short while. Whilst he was away at work, I had many discussions with the doctors / therapists. One doctor kept on trying to pursuade to get the X-ray but all of the rest said they understand why I choose not to although they recomend the X-ray. Many check ups and routine monitoring later, they finally allowed me to discharge since I refused to do the X-ray and I was unable to get any real rest in the hospital. After discharge I need to wear compression socks for as long as I am inactive (i.e. lying in bed / sitting for long periods of time). Basically, unless I am out of the house, other than bathing and going to the toilet, I am supposed to wear the socks 24/7.

The nurses advised Daddy to bring a wheelchair from the carpark level to ferry me down to the carpark as I was still unable to move around well. But when Daddy came to my ward with the wheelchair during his lunch time, the nurses had not finished completing the necessary administrative work for my discharge so we waited and waited.

Daddy started to play with it whilst we wait....
Looked like he was having fun... haha

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