05 September 2011

The ABC song

After a whole day of spring cleaning our room and discussing / deciding on the all important question of whether we buy an EC or a HDB, Daddy turned off the lights and we got ready to rest for the day.

Daddy smoothed out Mummy's hair, planted a kiss on Mummy's forehead, and made sure Mummy had all the pillows I need. He turned to rest but suddenly turned back and said: "Oh I haven't talked to my Joy Joy today!"

Somehow, Daddy thinks that Mummy's belly button is the weakest link in the whole of Mummy's tummy and believes that Joy Joy can hear him best if he directs his voice there. And so Daddy bent down, put his mouth to Mummy's belly button and said : "Joy Joy, Daddy loves you very much! Daddy sing a song for you.."

And he started to sing slowly "A-B-C-D-E-F-G.. H-I-J-K-LMNOP.... Q-R-S..T-U-V........................."

Daddy suddenly stopped singing. And Daddy stopped moving.

In the pitch darkness, Mummy wondered what happened to Daddy. "Maybe he's so tired he fell asleep" Mummy thought but Mummy didn't say a thing, only waited in silence.

Daddy finally asked :" Mummy, what comes after that?"

Mummy couldn't help but burst out laughing together with Daddy. It was sometime before Mummy could sing :" Double-U X... Y and Z..."

Daddy laughed really hard and said "Oh ya!". "Mummy, I was thinking very hard just now and I really forgot what comes next!"

Looks like Mummy's gotta teach both Daddy and Joy Joy your ABCs...

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