22 September 2011

In the middle of the night..

This is a holiday picture of our beloved 臭臭. He is now dressed in a new white pillowcase which blends him right into the bed:

Yes, we love him so much we brought him on holiday with us on my birthday trip to Malacca.

Sweet Daddy lets Mummy have 臭臭 every night because I sleep much better hugging 臭臭 to sleep. But for at least a few nights now, I finally understood just how much Daddy wished he could have 臭臭.

I have to leave 臭臭 on the bed whenever i get up in the middle of every night to pee (thankfully we have a bathroom in our room). Recently, some nights when I climb back to bed after peeing, I simply can't find 臭臭 anymore at the place where I last left him.

One the first one or two nights, I checked the floor checked under the quilt, checked anywhere but could not find my 臭臭 until one night I decided to experiment... Before I went to the toilet, I put 臭臭 in the center of the bed and waited. Suddenly, Daddy turned around, scoped 臭臭 up and turned the other side, hugging 臭臭 tightly.

I asked:" darling why is 臭臭 in your arms?" and Daddy said "hmm?" then opened one eye, looked down at what he was hugging before saying :" I don't know... I think 臭臭 wants to sleep with me." and with that he hugged 臭臭 tighter, turned the other side and went back to sleep.

On good nights, Daddy returns 臭臭 to me reluctantly before going back to sleep, hugging a random pillow or a quilt.

I think he misses 臭臭 too much. I ought to let him have 臭臭 More often...

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