14 September 2011

Emo Mummy

Maybe its my nesting instinct, I feel a need to get everything ready as early as possible. It feels like there are so many things we haven't made arrangements for / gotten ready. Coupled with the constant fear of labour without Daddy,
you have a really emotional Mummy.

On Monday morning, before Daddy left to catch his flight he was comforting Mummy who was crying. Daddy hugged Mummy and called me a "stupid kitten" (which was strangely comforting) before assuring me that we would settle the hospital admission arrangements and other things this weekend so that Mummy can be less nervous about it.

Mummy couldn't sleep and so I woke up really early and had breakfast with Daddy, during which Mummy's tears still flowed freely.

Daddy put me back to bed after breakfast and made sure I was comfortable with my favorite pillows and our chou chou. Then he left the toilet light on so he could do some checks / last minute packing.

Somehow, the light lulled Mummy to sleep.

I remember opening my eyes a few times to see if Daddy has gone off and during one of those times, Daddy told Mummy that she looked very tired and asked me to take a cab to work that day and claim reimbursement from him.

Mummy was so tired from the emotional outburst that I couldnt respond to him coherently.

Then before I knew it, Daddy left for the airport after planting a kiss on Mummy's forehead and kissing Mummy's tummy. He asked Joy Joy to be a good girl and take care of Mummy.

In the days when Daddy wasn't around, Mummy felt Joy Joy's movements distinctly and was very grateful for that. At the very least, our precious little girl is always with us. Mummy and Joy Joy taking care of each other. I make sure Joy Joy gets nutritious food, Joy Joy makes sure I'm comforted.

Missing Daddy much and so we must get to sleep soon. We have a date with him tomorrow!

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