13 September 2011

Daddy buys milk on his own

One thing about Daddy is that he can't make decisions on everyday things if there are too many options to choose from.

Like... getting a subway sandwich. Mummy gets it or orders it for Daddy most of the time. On the one and only time when Daddy tried to order a sandwich on his own, he texted Mummy on the sly to check how to order his usual sandwich and still ended up with something else altogether.

So, Mummy considers it a great feat that Daddy managed to buy fortified milk powder for us, all by himself. One day, Daddy's colleague told him that having fortified milk powder for pregnant women is good for Mummy and Joy Joy and so he just went to the supermarket on his own after work and bought milk. Notwithstanding that he spent about 30 minutes at the supermarket, probably looking for the milk and then deciding what to get.

Mummy was at the supermarket with Daddy last Friday to replenish our milk supply. And Daddy looked as lost as ever. He was at another aisle when he asked Mummy what happened to the aisle that stocks the milk powder.

When Daddy finally found the correct aisle, he looked lost again at all the milk powder for sale, trying to figure out which one to buy:

And he finally notices the brand we have been having and had a great realization that they do fortified milk powder for lactating mothers too:

"I'm going to get the other one for you when you are breastfeeding" Daddy said with a determined look on his face.

Mummy just couldn't help laughing at him.....

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