22 September 2011


When Daddy and Mummy were dating, Mummy told Daddy that she would like to go bungee jumping one day. According to Daddy, he was very impressed.

Whilst its true, I really want to go bungee jumping one day, Mummy has a fear of heights. Quite bad. So bad that i get super sweaty palms even watching movies like Avatar:

© 20th Century Fox

And even.. Kungfu Panda:

© Dreamworks Animination

Basically, anything that involves looking down from a high place to a lower place, standing at the edge of a high place would make mummy's palms drip with sweat.

We always talk about the places we would bring Joy Joy when she's old enough and when we talked about amusement parks, Daddy would say that he will bring Joy Joy on those killer roller coaster rides and Mummy will most probably stand at the bottom of the ride watching them or.. go on a merry-go-round ride all by herself... .. ...

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