03 September 2011

How Daddy lost his pomelo

Mummy felt tired just now and I took a nap on the bed whilst Daddy surfed the net on the floor by Mummy's side. After some time, Daddy woke Mummy up and said " Mummy, there's a story on video that is so touching that I cried". Mummy heard it as "Mummy, there's a story on radio that is so touching that I cried" hence I didn't ask about the story.

Mummy, who was getting comfortable in the bed and surrounded by pillows, saw that Daddy started to peel the pomelo which Grandma brought into the room for him to eat. Mummy felt like eating pomelos too and so she shifted her lying position in bed, made sure Daddy can see her and opened her mouth.

Daddy laughed heartily and then shared his pomelo with Mummy. Pomelos taste so good when you are being fed in bed without the need to peel it. Especially when you were fed with most of them. The ones Mummy just had were sweet and refreshing!

After eating the pomelos, Mummy told Daddy "Mummy, you should have eaten up the pomelos before waking me up". In response, Daddy showed me this:

Mummy teared when she was watching the video and so did Daddy.

Then, with a drop or two tears still making their way down Daddy's cheeks, Daddy said with a sulk: "Mummy, this is the reason why I lost my pomelos".

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