01 September 2011

Mummy's Hush Puppies

We were at the Robinsons private sale the other day when Daddy suddenly dragged Mummy to the shoe department.

Mummy: "Daddy you want to buy shoes?"

Daddy: "Yes, let's see if there are any comfortable shoes for you"

Mummy: "I don't need any, I've got plenty"

Daddy: "All your shoes are useless, they don't make you comfortable, only make you suffer. Remember the lesson of the comfortable work shoes?"

And so we walked to the shoes section. As usual, Mummy looked at shoes that in her mind had form and functionality but Daddy had very different ideas.

Daddy pointed to a super ugly pair of pumps and said that it looks comfortable. He touched the soles of the pumps and gave me his "this is incredible" look.

"Kitten, you gotta try this! Its extremely comfortable!". He said.

"eee.. So ugly.. Don't want!" I said and I gave him a scowl. "Mummy your taste is horrible!"

"All ugly shoes are comfortable." he said.

A pair of mother and daughter must have overheard our conversation and they laughed. I didn't hear it but according to Daddy, the mother nodded and agreed that all ugly shoes are comfortable.

In the end Mummy compromised. Daddy brought me a pair of Hush Puppies within the limits of my ugly threshold that was comfortable.

I wear it when it matches my outfit, 2-3 times a week. And admittedly, it's really comfortable.

Daddy loves the pumps. Last weekend I was wearing the pumps when Daddy suddenly said "Mummy your shoes are so pretty!". And then he gave me an innocent toothy grin.

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