13 September 2011

Mid-Autumn festival without Daddy

Daddy is overseas on a work trip so Mummy brought Joy Joy home to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa on Mummy's side today. Grandma made us warm fish soup to go with hot steaming rice and we had many cups of fresh milk. Mummy found that we had two cute piggy mooncakes at home and felt so happy that by next year, Joy Joy will be here to celebrate with us.

Daddy called once whilst we were eating and again just now to chat with Mummy and see how we were. He said he reloaded value into his local line so that we could chat with him and as usual, Daddy asked Mummy to tell Joy Joy that he loves Joy Joy very much.

Of course, we wish that Daddy was here with us and we can go play with lanterns after dinner, but Mummy is not expecting that kind of consideration from Daddy's company, so we'll have to make do without Daddy today.

Hopefully Daddy will be around when Joy Joy decides that she wants to be born to the world. If not, Daddy will lose the opportunity to witness the birth of our precious little girl, Mummy would have to go through the pain of labour alone and we can't take a family photo right after Joy Joy's birth... its an unbearable thought.

Looking forward to wednesday! We have a date with Daddy at the airport!

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